William Termini: Mind Your Manners Participant is Enjoying His Life Today

Netflix’s ‘Mind Your Manners‘ is a reality series that takes the beloved concept of makeovers and showcases its effects in the real world. The show follows Sara Jane Ho, an international etiquette teacher, as she helps her clients better their lifestyles. Each cast member approaches her, hoping to achieve a specific goal through the process, and the trainer gives her best to help them fulfill their dreams. She also imparts certain tips and tricks to the viewers that they can use in their everyday lives.

The show’s first season featured many intriguing stories that revolved around Sara’s clients. This includes the journey of William Termini, who wanted to better his romantic life and lifestyle under the coach’s tutelage. Let’s explore what he has been up to since.

William Termini’s Mind Your Manners Journey

At 28, William Termini decided to enlist Sara’s help in hopes of bettering his life. The Senior Systems Engineer likes to stream his walks and enjoys the process of connecting with people across the world. He also explained his fondness for his personal space and how he grew up as an only child. Under Sara’s tutelage, William wanted to refine himself and hoped his romantic life would improve if he worked on himself.

After getting to know William over afternoon tea, Sara visited his home to get to know her client better. This helped her get insight into what he likes and what lifestyle he prefers. Looking through William’s Tinder profile, Sara suggested that he should use different kinds of photos to showcase various aspects of his personality. Moreover, she pinpointed how he could maintain conversations with girls and things to look for.

After much interaction with William, Sara realized his appreciation for Asian culture. However, she first wanted to work on his tendency to overthink due to anxiety. Through horseriding and meditation, Sara helped William calm down and let go of his fears. Next, the two worked on his clothing and eye contact. In fact, Sara even took William to one of her regular classes to help his conversation skills.

More than anything, Sara taught William how to establish eye contact with someone he likes. The art of conversations and physical language helped bolster his confidence in himself, and the IT professional slowly integrated Sara’s teachings into his everyday life. Ultimately, William looked forward to finding his perfect match but did not want to rush into anything without a proper emotional connection.

Where is William Termini Now?

As of this writing, William lives in Sydney, Australia. Having grown up around his father, a pioneering synth musician, he developed a deep appreciation for art and technology. Presently, William works in the cybersecurity industry as an Engineer. Besides, he is interested in photography and uses different film cameras to capture life at its finest.

Apart from his photography Instagram pages, William has two YouTube channels that he uses to share a variety of events. On the relationship front, the reality TV star seems to be enjoying life and is seemingly single. We wish him the best in his future ventures and hope he finds his perfect match soon!

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