Win the Wilderness: Where Are the Couples Now?

Netflix’s ‘Win the Wilderness,’ or ‘Win the Wilderness: Alaska,’ is a British reality series meant for survival enthusiast couples. Each of the participating duos is given a chance to win a beautiful home deep in the natural isolation of Alaska. The only requirement is to impress the original homeowners, who will decide which couple has what it takes to survive in Alaska’s challenging but rewarding setting. Given just how exciting the first season of the survival show was, there is no question as to why people are curious about what the participants might be up to these days. Well, we are here to explore the same!

Emily Padfield and Mark Warner Are Adapting to Unforeseen Changes

We are starting with the winning duo of Emily Padfield and Mark Warner. The two did not get to live in the promised property despite winning the Alaskan house on Ose Mountain from Duane and Rena Ose. According to them, after Rena’s passing in May 2020, Duane seemed to have changed his heart, especially after he began dating someone else after his wife’s passing. “We’d been talking to him[Duane] throughout lockdown, planning to go to Ose Mountain with him to scatter Rena’s ashes, but suddenly he was distant,” Emily shared with the Sunday Times in September 2020.

Duane announced on Facebook that he would not be giving up his home. However, the winning couple thinks that his partner, Ellie-Mae Blair, might be more involved with the situation than she may be letting on and might actually be the one posting from Duane’s social media account. However, in October 2020, Duane had to be rescued from Ise Mountain after a suspected back injury and was admitted to the hospital. While Duane seemingly recovered from the incident, it does not seem like Emily and Mark would soon be moving into the Alaskan house.

Presently, Emily and Mark are based in Warwickshire, UK, and work together as livestock farmers. The two got engaged sometime in 2022 and shared pictures of their honeymoon in March 2023 at Sørheim Fjordpanorama, Norway. Emily also became a Nutfield Scholar in 2022, an achievement she and Mark are proud of. They also have two dogs, Miska and Marley, who enjoy helping the couple with the farmwork.

Tina Perkins and Chris Cullen Are Pursuing Global Adventures

Perhaps one of the most adventurous couples on the show, Tina Perkins, an industrial designer, and Chris Cullen, a sales manager, became well known for their free spirit and amicable dynamic. The two love to travel and explore various places across the world. They created a travel website called 2anoo to document their journeys to celebrate everything new.

The online platform contains travel pictures, blogs, and much information. Since August 2020, the couple has not shared any new updates after discussing their time in Australia. However, given their love for nature, adventure, and exploration, we are sure they have continued to keep going and see what the world offers.

Jane and Pete Gough Are Embracing Family and Leisure

All the way from Noss Mayo, Devon, UK, we have Jane and Pete Gough. As of writing, the former works as a Midwife, while her husband is a retired Police Officer. With their children happily settled in their lives, the couple likes to enjoy every moment of their lives and can often be found enjoying one exciting activity or the other. The two are also proud grandparents, with Jane always happy to share pictures of her grandchild with her social media followers. In December 2022, they once again became grandparents to Odin and Ivy Mahomet, twins born to Jane and Pete’s daughter Rhian Gough.

Laura Plant and Jerome Mayaud Are Advancing in Professional Careers

Despite having been together for only a year, Laura Plant and Jerome Mayaud were pretty sure about the strength of their relationship and embarked on the Alaska adventure. As of writing, the two have made impressive progress in their chosen fields of work and are pretty proud of the same. Laura is now the Business Development Director for NatureMetrics, which helps companies make more sustainable and nature-friendly decisions. Meanwhile, Jerome has held the Director of Data Science position since November 2022, having been a part of the organization since September 2019.

Bee Roper and Theo Theo Gove-Humphries Are Living an Alternative Lifestyle

Since their time on the Netflix show, Bee Roper and Theo Theo Gove-Humphries have only made positive strides in their career. Bee is an animal and nature conservationist who follows a vegan lifestyle and is passionate about raising awareness regarding Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD). She loves working alongside animals and celebrated her 34th birthday in March 2023.

Meanwhile, Theo is the Company Director of Ergo Films and a freelance filmmaker. He has a YouTube channel where he often shares videos of his adventures. Together, Bee and Theo have a personal blog called The Indie Project, dedicated to documenting the alternative lifestyle they started in 2014. As of writing, their Instagram account has over 87 thousand followers. Presently, they live in a forest homestead in Portugal.

Rachel and Matt Are Celebrating Love and Life

Childhood sweethearts Rachel and Matt celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary in September 2022. The former works as an Accountant, while her husband is an Engineer for the Royal Air Force. More than anything, Rachel is a talented photographer and has two Instagram accounts for her pictures. While one features still from various events she has covered, her passion project seems to be Walks with Baloo.

In fact, Walks with Baloo is not limited to Instagram but also has a website that documents the life of Rachel, Matt, and their dog Baloo. From simple appreciation posts to self-care regimes, their website offers a variety of content that one cannot help but fall in love with.

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