Wolf Pack Season 1 Finale Recap: Why Does Ramsey Want to Turn Garrett?

The Paramount+ series ‘Wolf Pack’ has been developed by Jeff Davis, who also created ‘Criminal Minds’ and ‘Teen Wolf.’ Unlike his previous foray into the werewolf lore, where he took considerable creative liberty, ‘Wolf Pack’ is more grounded in the traditional werewolf mythos.

In its first season, ‘Wolf Pack’ focuses on introducing and establishing the characters, the developing dynamic between them, and the danger they face in a hostile world. In season 1 episode 8, titled ‘Trophic Cascade,’ the Pack races against time to save Baron (Chase Liefeld), who Austin has stabbed with a dagger coated in silver. Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) finally reveals to Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) who she is as a man from her past comes seeking vengeance. Meanwhile, Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard) face consequences for their earlier missteps. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Wolf Pack’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Wolf Pack Episode 8 Recap

The finale begins right where episode 7 ended. All four members of the Pack panic about what to do after Austin stabs Baron in the chest with a silver-coated dagger. Everett pulls the dagger out, but as the silver residue is still there in the wound, it can’t heal by itself. Meanwhile, Baron, lost somewhere between dream and wakefulness, has visions of his Pack mates in some of the most crucial moments of their lives.

After they succeed in more or less stabilizing Baron’s condition, they move him to Everett’s home as his parents are out. Harlan (Tyler Lawrence) begins to have anxiety issues, which he initially blames on Everett, but the latter shows that he is not anxious at this moment. Right then, that man from an unknown caller ID calls again, He tells the group that they have two choices — find a way to get the silver out or let Baron die and break the bond. For Harlan and Blake, this means they no longer will be werewolves. Although Everett seems to have embraced his new identity, this is not the case with Blake, who advocates for letting Baron die.

Meanwhile, Ramsey and Garrett learn about the commotion at the morgue. Garrett asks his children whether they had anything to do with it and can’t trust them when they deny involvement. Feeling overwhelmed by what is happening, he asks for Ramsey’s help for a little longer.

Eventually, the Pack tells Garrett about Baron, and he takes the boy to the hospital. There, Malcolm, the only firefighter to have survived his encounter with Ramsey in her wolf form, has figured out that the LAFD official is the monster he saw all those years ago. He kidnaps Baron, knowing the boy’s mother will come for him. Elsewhere, social services take Danny and Blake away from their father.

Wolf Pack Episode 8 Ending: Why Does Ramsey Want to Turn Garrett?

Nearly two decades ago, during the last forest fire incident in the area, Ramsey lost her mate and two of her three children. She couldn’t even find her way back to the third, even though he was still in the woods. She spent all these years as a human, gradually losing her connection to her wolf side. She fought like a living nightmare during the forest fire, easily taking out several firefighters. Here, however, she struggles against only Malcolm. Her situation is further complicated by the fact that Malcolm has a gun with silver bullets and an ax with a silver-coated head.

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Fortunately for Ramsey, Garrett joins the gunfight, enabling Ramsey to overpower Malcolm, though she doesn’t get to kill him despite wanting to. Garrett needs some answers, and only a living Malcolm can provide that. Afterward, Ramsey reveals who she truly is to Garrett — Harlan and Luna’s biological mother. Every wolf in the Pack has a unique power. For Everett and Blake, it’s strength and speed, respectively. Harlan has heightened hearing abilities, whereas Luna’s nose can detect most things. It turns out that Ramsey can heal, with which she removes the silver coursing through Baron and closes his wound.

As for Baron, he has the ability of transmutation, which means that he turns other people into werewolves when he bites them. After Malcolm is subdued, Ramsey tells Garrett that she wants him to be the father of the Pack. She assures him that this way, he will finally have peace with Harlan because the boy will have the father he deserves. Realizing the meaning of her words, Garrett turns toward Baron, who has started to transform into his wolf form.

Who is the Arsonist?

In this episode, we get another theory about the person responsible for the fire, and this one is perhaps the one closest to the truth. Malcolm has apparently deduced that Ramsey is the arsonist. As we learned in one of the previous episodes, fire causes a significant transition into werewolves, transforming them from something similar to a sizeable ordinary wolf to a towering mass of fur and fury. Malcolm believes that Ramsey set fire to the woods to cause the transformation in Baron and flush him out. If that is indeed the case, she is also responsible for the deaths of the people that Baron killed as a werewolf.

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Although we don’t exactly get a confirmation of this, she does say that she wants her family to grow, and that can only happen through Baron’s abilities. She protected him and kept his victims hidden, even killing a security guard after he found the bodies. She was planning to kill Garrett before she realized that he had been a positive influence in the lives of her children. He gave them home and brought them up as if they were his own.

Why is Harlan Arrested?

The authorities discover the pile of bodies left behind by Baron. Among the dead is Officer Trent Miller, who was last seen arguing with Harlan. The police suspect that Harlan killed Trent, and as Trent’s body was found in the pile with the others, they likely believe that Harlan is responsible for those as well.

The truth, however, is different. Baron killed most of those people in his werewolf form because he thought they posed a threat to various members of his Pack. He killed Trent because the latter was hurting and threatening Harlan at the time.

What Are 5150 and 5585?

While alone at the hospital, Everett is approached by his father with two orderlies. It turns out that Everett’s mother has told his father how he has threatened her. Believing that he is a danger to the people around him, Everett’s father has decided to place him in a psychiatric word. The terms “5150” and “5585” relate to this.

5150 is a real-world number designated by the Welfare and Institutions Code denoting the placement of an adult in an involuntary hold for 72 hours if the said adult is deemed dangerous to himself or others. 5585 relates to the same treatment for a minor. As Everett isn’t an adult yet, he is put into the 5585 involuntary hold.

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