Y: The Last Man Ending, Explained

‘Y: The Last Man’ is essentially an exploration of gender-related norms on which society functions. The series cleverly balances politics and survival elements throughout its first season, giving the fans a unique worldview through the plight of the surviving population trying to bring some stability to an increasingly anarchic society. The incident that wipes out almost every mammal with a Y-chromosome turns the life of Yorick Brown upside down. He goes from being a privileged white male to being the last surviving human with a Y-chromosome.

Naturally, this is bound to bring Yorick into constant conflict. We get a sense of the full scope of these issues in the season finale, which makes us question whether a world without men is a dystopia or a utopia. However, not all questions are answered, and we are sure viewers must be seeking clarification about the episode’s open ending. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Y: The Last Man’ season 1. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Y: The Last Man Season 1 Finale Recap

‘Y: The Last Man’ season 1 finale is called ‘Victoria.’ It opens with a flashback to the pre-apocalypse days of the Brown family having dinner with Beth also present. Yorick is trying to explain his new act, which highlights his struggles. However, Hero insinuates that he has no struggles as Yorick is a cis white man whose mother is a Congresswoman.

In the present, Nora, Roxanne, and the rest of the Amazons are nearing the Marrisville community. At Marrisville, Agent 355 and Mann discuss their impending departure from the community. Yorick talks to Sonia, and Agent 355 informs him that they are set to leave the next day. The Amazons set up base at an indoor pool and learn that the President has been killed.

However, Jennifer is still alive and hiding along with Beth after separating from Kimberly and Christine. Jennifer and Beth run into Sam, but all three of them are captured by a group of masked assailants. The Amazons prepare to lay siege to the Marrisville community and attack the compound. Agent 355 forces Mann, Yorick, and Sonia to retreat to a silo outside the town. Agent 355 surrenders herself to buy the group time. However, Hero catches up to them.

Sonia shoots Hero, but Yorick recognizes his sister, and they reunite. Hero reveals that their mother is dead. Another Amazon arrives and guns down Sonia. Hero kills her comrade to protect her brother and asks him to run. Agent 355 and Roxanne engage in a gunfight, and the latter is left without ammo. Nora surrenders and saves Roxanne’s life. The Amazons retreat to their base after their failed coup. Meanwhile, Yorick, Mann, and Agent 355 decide their next destination.

Y: The Last Man Season 1 Finale Ending: Where Are Yorick, Mann, and Agent 355 Headed?

After learning of the President’s apparent death, Agent 355 officially calls off the group’s mission and tells Yorick that he is free to choose their own path ahead. Yorick insists that they continue but no longer wants to be a liability. Yorick asks Agent 355 to train him. Agent 355 agrees. Yorick, Agent 355, and Mann then leave the silo. Agent 355’s tracker leads the trio to a car full on fuel, stacked with supplies and equipment for Mann’s research. The Culper Ring has provided the vehicle with coordinates to a specific location. The episode ends with the trio driving on a Y-shaped road.

Earlier in the episode, we see that the Culper Ring has captured Jennifer, Beth, and Sam. However, they aren’t being interrogated just yet. The Culper Ring’s leader Fran insists that they withhold the interrogation until Agent 355 is on the move. The scene hints that the Culper Ring plans on using the hostages as a bargaining chip to force Agent 355 and Yorick to come to their facility. Before the Amazons’ attack, the trio was headed for San Francisco to Mann’s backup lab.

The ending leaves an air of ambiguity over the trio’s fate. The schism in the road is reflective of the two options the trio has: joining the Culper Ring or traveling to San Francisco. Each option has its pros and cons, but given the shady organization is holding Yorick’s mother and lover hostage, it is likely that sooner or later, the trio will end up in the Culper Ring’s circle of questionable business.

Is Roxanne Dead? Who Is the New Leader of the Amazons?

Roxanne is the undisputed leader of the Amazons who projects her misandric views on the group. However, Roxanne is also lying about her past. After Nora learns of the truth, she manipulates Roxanne into listening to her thus, affecting quite a lot of the group’s decisions. In the finale, Nora completes her takeover as the group’s leader by killing Roxanne.

After Roxanne berates Nora for her actions during their attack on Marrisville, Nora shoots Roxanne and proclaims that the group will leave its mark on this new world order. She is supported by Hero, further implying that Nora is now the leader of the Amazons.

Roxanne’s death is particularly significant because she symbolizes the kind of ideology that leads to the oppression of women. Roxanne insists that the last surviving man, Yorick, must die for their female-oriented new world order to begin. However, by killing Roxanne, the show cleverly reminds us that for women to thrive, it is oppressive behavior that must be ended and not one particular gender.

What Is the Significance of Kimberly’s Dream?

Kimberly, the pro-right-wing daughter of the former President, is the chief foil to Jennifer in the first season. However, after the angry citizens storm the Pentagon, she and Jennifer try to escape together. In contrast to Jennifer’s fate, reasonably little is revealed about Kimberly in the finale. However, a cryptic sequence might indicate her next move.

In the episode, Kimberly has a dream that depicts her having sex with Yorick. The sequence also hints that Kimberly will bear Yorick’s child. When Kimberly comes out of the trance, she exclaims that she needs Yorick. The dreams sequence can be interpreted as Kimberly believing Yorick and herself to be Adam and Eve.

Therefore, like the Amazons and the Culper Ring, Kimberly will likely try to seek out Yorick and use him to repopulate the world in some manner. Kimberly’s ambition provides a contrast to our real world, where women are forced with the responsibility of bearing children to help humanity grow. The same duty is now thrust onto Yorick’s shoulders as he is essential to humanity’s survival.

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