Yasmin Finney From Heartstopper: All We Know About the Actress

Image Credit: Yasmin Finney/Instagram

Enveloped in the effervescence of love and attraction, Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper’ follows the story of two teenage boys, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson. When seating arrangements bring the two opposites together, sparks fly, and feelings emerge. Negating Charlie’s proficiency for overthinking is his gang of best friends, including Elle, Tao, and Isaac. Created by Alice Oseman, the show also focuses on Elle Argent, a young trans woman who has finally shifted to a girl’s school after dealing with years of transphobia and bullying at the Truham Grammar School for Boys.

Yasmin Finney portrays the character of Elle Argent in the coming-of-age drama. Her compelling performance as one of the pivotal characters has invoked the curiosity of several fans, who are naturally interested to know more about her personal and professional life.

Yasmin Finney: Blended Heritage and Ethnicity

Born on August 30, 2003, to a Jamaican mother and an English father of Irish-Italian descent, Yasmin Finney has had a whirlwind journey. Growing up, she had to navigate the issues that came with her ethnicity and identity. As a child, Yasmin grew up on a council estate in Trafford, Manchester. Without their father in the picture, Yasmin and her half-sister faced several struggles. While the 19-year-old actress’s mother, Tracey Finney, did her best to make ends meet, the women had to rely on their religious extended family for help.

At a point, the trio even had to move from hotel to hotel and were virtually homeless for two weeks. Yet, through the love and support they harbor for each other and the determination and hard work of their mother, the women managed to sail through the tough times. Despite being assigned male at birth, Yasmin knew that she was different. From buddying up with girls in primary school to dancing around in a tutu her grandmother gifted her, Yasmin never shared a doubt about her identity.

However, the transition wasn’t easy when the star came out to her mother as a transwoman. Nevertheless, the family navigated through the obstacles in their path and are now extremely close to one another. After completing her degree in performing arts from Manchester College in Manchester, the strong Black queer woman kickstarted her dreams.

Yasmin Finney’s Professional Timeline

Synonymous with her flamboyant personality on ‘Heartstopper,’ Yasmin’s confidence has propelled her to take up several challenges. Even when she was bullied as a young woman, she didn’t deter from her path. Instead, the star essayed her experiences as a trans person on TikTok and Twitter. Even when she received hate online, Yasmin didn’t succumb to despair. Over time, she continued to work in theatre and starred in several productions, including, ‘Antigone,’ ‘Port,’ ‘DNA,’ and ‘Tie.’ In 2020, Yasmin chanced upon the casting call for Netflix’s ‘Heartstopper,’ and got the role following her audition. Shortly after, Yasmin was also cast as Kelsa in Billy Porter’s ‘Anything Possible.’


However, Yasmin could not secure a work visa to the United States due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and had to drop the role. The following year, Yasmin was cast as Rose in ‘Doctor Who,’ alongside ‘Sex Education’ alum Ncuti Gatwa. Apart from entertainment, the star still enjoys wide renown on TikTok and retains more than 23 million likes on her platform. Yasmin has also been featured on several magazine covers and campaigns.

Yasmin Prioritizes Career Over Dating

No, Yasmin Finney is not dating anyone. While the star’s meteoric success has kept her busy, other roadblocks have also appeared in her dating life. With her burgeoning success, men her age have undoubtedly felt a divide, leading to a lack of fruitful relationships. Nevertheless, the star continues to expand her pursuits and exponentiate her success. Instead, the London-based star now focuses time on herself and her career. Yasmin now stays in her three-bedroom flat along with her dog.

Even though there is no one in the picture for the young star, she continues creating new memories with her friends and enjoys traveling. When Yasmin is not preoccupied with work, she regularly hangs out with other members of the queer community. Some of Yasmin’s cherished friendships have begun at Adonis, a queer club in London that’s frequented by musicians and artists alike. In an interview with Teen Vogue, when she was asked how she expects from life after the Netflix show, Yasmin said, “In vibes, I guess, just keeping my close circle around me and keeping my head held high at all times. Because even though I’ve got this platform now, I still do struggle like everybody else.”

The free-spirited personality added, “And we all struggle. And being trans is still hard. It’s not easy, you know? So I think for me, I’m just gonna be like: Be confident. Be you, keep doing you. And keep slaying it.” So, even though dating doesn’t seem to be on the books for the star right now, she is still making progress as a young artist. Naturally, we await all the milestones Yasmin will achieve in the future!

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