Yellowjackets Episode 9 Recap and Ending, Explained: Is Adam Dead or Alive?

‘Yellowjackets’ episode 9, titled ‘Doomcoming,’ is about death, drugs, and delirium. Shauna (Melanie Lynskey as the adult and Sophie Nélisse as the teenager) confronts Adam (Peter Gadiot) and accuses him of blackmailing the Yellowjackets in 2021. Taissa (Tawny Cypress as an adult and Jasmin Savoy Brown as the teenager) re-examines her decision to run for the New Jersey state senate. Instead of freeing her, Misty (Christina Ricci as the adult and Samantha Hanratty as the teenager) allows Jessica (Rekha Sharma) to use a wheelchair to go around her house. In 1996, the survivors mourn Laura Lee. As their food supply depletes, they are afraid that they will die of hunger soon. Deciding to enjoy themselves one last time, they held a party. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Yellowjackets’ episode 9. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Yellowjackets Episode 9 Recap

The episode begins as Shauna barges into Adam’s home, claiming that he has been blackmailing her friends. She finds books on Flight 2525 in a drawer, which deepens her suspicions. She grabs a knife as she starts to have flashes of the things she did during those 19 months she and the rest of the Yellowjackets were trapped in the Ontario Wilderness. Adam tries to calm her down and says he only has those books because he wants to understand her. But Shauna stabs him while seemingly having a vision of her younger self doing it.

Meanwhile, Taissa reflects on the sacrifices she had to make for the election. The stress it has accumulated brought her sleepwalking issue back. And now, she has been forced to send her wife and son away for their own safety. When her campaign manager tries to assure her that many politicians face marital turmoil during election time, Taissa angrily rebuts that the other woman doesn’t know anything about her.

In 1996, the girls have resorted to eating worms. Mari (Alexa Barajas) reveals that she has been saving berries, which have turned into alcohol. With the full moon the next day, Jackie (Ella Purnell) comes up with the idea of having their own homecoming. But as they are facing their own mortality, they decide to call it doomcoming.

Yellowjackets Episode 9 Ending: Is Adam Dead?

Yes, Adam is dead. In the previous few episodes, ‘Yellowjackets’ heavily implied that Adam is Javi, Travis’ brother who survived the plane crash. While this episode doesn’t really provide a definite answer to that, it unceremoniously ends his active role in the storyline. Adam was probably what he said he was. He didn’t know about Shauna before their accident but came to see that she was traumatized during their relationship. This prompted him to look her up, and that’s how he discovered about the Yellowjackets.

Who Is the Blackmailer? Is Jeff Having an Affair? Who Is Bianca?

Shauna kills Adam believing him to be the blackmailer. She thinks that he stole her diaries from her locker while he was inside her closet. But when she gets back home, they are somehow back inside the locker. And there are new glitter specks around it. It doesn’t take her long to connect the dots and realize that Jeff is the blackmailer. And he confesses immediately after Shauna confronts him.

It is revealed that his furniture store was in trouble due to stiff competition. And he ended up taking money from loan sharks. He knew he had to pay it back, so he decided to blackmail Taissa and Nat (Juliette Lewis as the adult and Sophie Thatcher as the teenager). Jeff wasn’t having an affair. Bianca was part of the dangerous people that lent him money. If anything, Jeff is terrified of her.

This episode sheds new light on Jeff as a character. He read the diaries long ago and knows what Shauna did during those 19 months. And now, he knows she killed a man with whom she cheated on him and yet, is willing to take the fall for it. It seems that while Shauna thinks that their marriage is dying, Jeff never has. He suggests that they should tell the other girls that Adam was the one who blackmailed them. Shauna does, and it seems to work. But none of them knows how to get rid of a body. As a result, Nat almost predictably reaches out to Misty.

Why Do the Girls Attack Travis?

In episode 7. Jackie finds out that Shauna is having Jeff’s baby after reading her diary. In this episode, she decides to throw caution to the wind and seduce Travis. Meanwhile, Misty tries to use hallucinogenic mushrooms that she has gathered for her own attempt of seduction of Coach Scott. But things don’t go according to the plans, and Mari ends up putting the mushrooms in the pot. The entire group is drugged, except Jackie, who keeps herself clear-headed because she wants to approach Travis later.

Taissa and Van come out in front of their friends. This gives Coach Scott enough courage to tell Misty that he is gay. Travis and Jackie lose their virginity to each other. And the other girls, at the height of their delirium, come after Travis. Lottie’s visions become deranged, and she claims that they will not be hungry any longer. As Travis tries to escape them, Lottie, Shauna, and the other girls see him as a stag and chase after him with knives in hand. They bind him, gag him, and Shauna even tries to bleed him dry. Fortunately for Travis, Nat arrives with Jackie and saves his life.

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