Where Was Yes, God, Yes Filmed?

Yes God Yes Filming Locations

‘Yes, God, Yes’ is a coming-of-age dramedy film that focuses upon a 16-year-old girl named Alice, who accidentally indulges in the act of masturbation and embarks upon a journey to seek salvation. Set in Midwest, the film follows Alice, a smart and introverted student studying in a stifling religious high school. After having an erotic chat with a stranger on AOL, Alice discovers masturbation. Dazed and confused about her desires, she goes on a four-day religious retreat to wash her sins. On the trip, Alice finally gets closure but not in the way she expected it.

It is the directorial debut of Karen Maine, who also serves as the writer. The comedy-drama has been adapted from Karen’s eponymous 2017 short film. The film has been lauded for touching upon issues like religious repression, stigma revolving around sexual desires, and for demonstrating the relevance of proper sex education in educational institutions. Natalia Dyer, who essays the lead character Alice has also received critical acclaim for her nuanced performance. In case you are a fan of its visual setting, you must be wondering about the places it was shot. Well, you’re in luck!

Yes, God, Yes Filming Locations

The teenage film has been shot in two different states of the United States of America –New York and Georgia. The filming department had to change locations to do justice to the script and feel of the film. Here are the exact locations where ‘Yes, God, Yes’ was filmed!

Atlanta, Georgia

The capital city of Georgia, Atlanta is often touted as the Hollywood of the South. Atlanta is a go-to destination for filmmakers around the globe for its tax incentives, temperate climate, the large base of human resources, southern hospitality, and a vast variety of locations. The director of photography, Todd Antonio Somodevilla, shared multiple pictures while shooting the film in the city in a forest.

Don’t mistake the lights for a scene from ‘Stranger Things.’ The picture features camera operators Jason Hawkins and Kyle Anido, weaving their magic through their respective cameras!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes picture of the cinematographer and other crew members, during the filming of a high school scene!

The church scenes were filmed in a local church in Georgia. Below is a picture of Jason capturing the actors praying on the bench of the religious location!

Here’s is a picture of one of the scenes that were filmed in the above church!

New York, New York

Also known as NYC, New York City is the most populous and densely populated city in the state of New York. One of the world’s great metropolises, the charismatic city of New York instantly becomes a character in whichever film it features. Actor Merissa Czyz, who plays Alice’s classmate in the film, shared a picture of herself from the set which serves as the Catholic school!

Director Karen chose the city for its atmosphere and visually aesthetic locations. Below is a picture of the lead actor Natalia Dyer, along with the Karen along with the film’s producers Katie Cordeal and Colleen Hammond!

Here’s a still featuring Natalia and her co-actors, that was filmed in the New York school pictured above!

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