Loved The Others? Here Are 10 Horror Movies You Will Also Like


In the cinematic world of darkness, whispers, and shadows that merge the supernatural with reality, ‘The Others’ is considered to be a haunting marvel. Directed by Alejandro Amenábar, the 2001 movie blends spectral suspense with psychological intrigue. Set in the aftermath of World War II, it follows the life of Grace Stewart, living in a remote mansion with her two children. Soon she starts to realize that her family isn’t the only one residing in the eerie house. As she continues to investigate the unexplained events, the line between the living and the dead is blurred, and the boundaries of perception are shattered.

Through the dimly lit house, Alejandro creates an atmosphere of unease that is hypnotic and palpable. Nicole Kidman gives a nuanced performance as Grace and is the ideal protagonist leading viewers on a journey of discovery. With every passing minute of the movie, a new layer of mystery is unfolded, culminating in a revelation that will send shivers down the audience’s spine. The spectral allure of the film and its masterful storytelling approach, ‘The Others’ is a touchstone for horror films that immerse audiences in the realm of the unknown. If you want a similar cinematic experience, we present to you a collection of horror movies you’d enjoy. 

10. The Awakening (2011)

Helmed by Nick Murphy, ‘The Awakening’ tells the tale of Florence Cathcart, an author who exposes “supernatural” phenomena. But everything changes when she is invited to a boy’s boarding school to investigate the haunting claims. This is where she has to confront the possibility that the supernatural might be real, as well as deal with her own past traumas. Set in post-World War I England, the film explores the concept of skepticism and belief similar to ‘The Others’ while exploring the conflict between the supernatural and rationality. The themes of ghostly manifestations are also explored in both movies.

9. Crimson Peak (2015)

This visually stunning gothic-themed movie by Guillermo del Tor is a combination of horror and romance genre. Edith Cushing, an aspiring author, gets married to Sir Thomas Sharpe, and both move into his ancestral home called Crimson Peak. As Edith explores the decaying halls of the mansion and its eerie atmosphere, she is haunted by vengeful spirits. She continues to uncover the secrets behind her new family and is confronted with a shocking revelation. The haunting story of ‘Crimson Peak’, along with its gloomy aesthetic, mirrors the setting of ‘The Others.’ Both stories feature intricate settings and supernatural elements that help take the narrative forward and unfold the mystery.

8. Mama (2013)

‘Mama’ revolves around two orphaned sisters, Victoria and Lily, who were found in the woods years after being abandoned by their father. They are taken in by their uncle and his girlfriend, but their new caregivers soon realize that there is a supernatural entity haunting the sisters. Mama’s presence starts to become more pronounced as the girls try to create a bond with their new family. The emotional core of this Andrés Muschietti directorial is the bond between the living and the supernatural, which is the same as in ‘The Others.’ Both films deal with the influence of the afterlife on the living world through maternal figures. 

7. Dark Water (2002)

With Hideo Nakata at the helm, this Japanese horror film is the story of Yoshimi and her daughter Ikuko, who move into an apartment building after her divorce. Soon she starts having unsettling experiences, which leads her to believe that there is a malevolent spirit haunting them. As the film moves forward, she uncovers the tragic story of a missing girl and continues to fight to protect her own daughter. ‘Dark Water’ and ‘The Others’ both marvelously capture the eerie nature of the paranormal elements. They evoke a sense of dread in the audience and explore the emotional toll the supernatural has on the characters.

6. The Babadook (2014)

Directed by Jennifer Kent, ‘The Babadook’ is a grief-themed horror film that revolves around the life of a single mother, Amelia, who is having trouble dealing with her son Samuel who believes there is a terrifying figure that wants to harm him — the Babadook. As events escalate, Amelia ends up battling a malevolent presence that forces her to question her own sanity and fight for her son’s safety. Just like ‘The Others’, this film also delves into the story of a mother and her child, intertwining their struggles with the supernatural.

5. The Changeling (1980)

In ‘The Changeling,’ composer John Russell moves into an old mansion while grieving the death of his family in hopes of finding solace. But soon, he starts to experience supernatural occurrences and ends up finding a malevolent presence. He is forced to investigate the house’s past, which leads him to uncover a secret that connects the tragic history of the house to him. Like ‘The Others’, the Peter Medak directorial involves exploring haunted pasts and has a suspenseful storytelling approach. The protagonist in both movies uncovers unsettling truth about their surroundings that challenges their understanding of reality.

4. The Orphanage (2007)

‘The Orphanage’ is the story of Laura, who returns to the orphanage where she was raised to transform it into a home for sick children. After her son, Simón, goes missing, Laura calls a medium to help her find him, which leads to a shocking revelation about the tragic past of the orphanage. Directed by J. A. Bayona, the story of ‘The Orphanage’ revolves around family secrets and supernatural occurrences that have a similar tone of suspense as in ‘The Others.’ Also, both these movies have paranormal elements in a familial setting which builds tension through the connections between the living and the dead.

3. The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

This Spanish-language gem by Guillermo del Toro is set during the Spanish Civil War and follows Carlos, an orphan, who arrives at an orphanage where he encounters the ghost of a former student. The story is about secrets, betrayal, and the spectral presence haunting the institution. ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ blends supernatural elements with historical themes and explores the impact of the past on the present, just like ‘The Others’.

2. The Innocents (1961)

Based on ‘The Turn of the Screw’ by Henry James and directed by Jack Clayton, this classic horror film centers upon Miss Giddens, a governess hired to take care of two orphans, Flora and Miles. In their remote country estate, Miss Giddens starts seeing apparitions and believes that there are malevolent spirits influencing the children. As the story progresses, the lines between the reality and supernatural are blurred, and she ends up questioning her own sanity. The eerie ambiance and the psychological complexity of ‘The Innocents’ mirrors that of ‘The Others.’ Through ambiguity and horror, the director, Eskil Vogt, creates an atmosphere of unease and uncertainty.

1. The Sixth Sense (1999)

For all psychological movie lovers, this brilliant and gripping tale from M. Night Shyamalan is a must-watch. The movie follows the story of a young boy called Cole Sear, who can see and communicate with the dead. Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist, takes Cole on as a patient in order to help him navigate his abilities. While helping Cole confront his fears and help the spirits, he has a startling revelation about his own life. Both ‘The Others’ and ‘The Sixth Sense’ explore the supernatural and have cleverly constructed narratives that leave the viewers on the edge of their seats. They have layers of supernatural intrigue and focus on the realm of the dead.

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