1000-lb Best Friends Renewed For Season 3 at TLC

TLC has renewed ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ for a third season. The filming of the upcoming installment has begun in Atlanta, Georgia.

In the second season of the series, Vannessa, Meghan, Ashely, and Tina faced various challenges. Vannessa bravely revealed her post-surgery body, while Meghan grappled with stalled weight loss. Ashely, determined for surgery, encountered unexpected hurdles despite her journaling efforts. Tina’s life took a turn when her house flooded. Meghan’s anxiety peaked in a confrontation with Dr. Charles Procter, and Ashely gained insights concerning her life by undergoing therapy. Meghan opened up to Dr. Procter, reigniting her weight loss journey, and living in a hotel strained Tina. Vannessa intervened with Jacob, leading to distressing news. Ashely’s anxiety heightened before her Dr. Procter appointment, and Vannessa worked to aid Jacob’s weight loss.

Meghan prepped for her wedding, and a challenging wellness retreat tested the participants’ limits. Meghan struggled with wedding dress shopping, and the retreat pushed them to their boundaries. Ashely faced pain but Fit Farm revealed the participants’ strengths. Meghan confronted wedding truths, Tina reached a breaking point, and Ashely and Tina sought Dr. Procter’s surgery approval. Meghan dived into wedding prep, Vannessa blew off steam, and they tackled a 5K race with Dr. Procter. Meghan’s bachelorette party brought debauchery, but a potential confrontation loomed. On Meghan’s wedding day, cold feet made her consider leaving Jon at the altar. Simultaneously, Tina and Ashely underwent bariatric surgery, but the former’s last-minute doubts plunged her into a tailspin.

In the upcoming third season of the series, the viewers can anticipate a continuation of the journey with Meghan, Tina, Vannessa, and Ashely. As the women navigate the challenges of weight loss under the guidance of Dr. Charles Procter, the new season promises to delve deeper into their individual struggles and triumphs. Considering Meghan’s recent wedding and Tina’s decision to opt out of weight-loss surgery, the viewers can anticipate the aftermath of these life-altering decisions. Vannessa’s triumphant moment at her skin removal consultation signals a potential new chapter in her journey. As the four friends continue to support each other, fans can expect to see emotional moments, personal growth, and the ongoing challenges of pursuing a healthier lifestyle in season 3.

With fifteen years of expertise in both general and bariatric surgery, Dr. Charles Procter is a board-certified surgeon. As the founding physician of Beltline Bariatric and Surgical Group, he conducts his surgical practice at Piedmont Hospitals in Atlanta and Newnan. ‘1000-lb Best Friends’ is predominantly filmed in Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city. The show captures moments at the homes of Vannessa and Ashely, along with scenes at Dr. Procter’s clinic, Beltline Health Atlanta- Weight Loss Solutions. Atlanta, a bustling hub for film productions, previously hosted the shooting of notable projects like ‘The Family Plan‘ and ‘Reptile.’

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