90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way Renewed For Season 6 at TLC

TLC has renewed ‘90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ for a sixth season. The audition process for the upcoming installment is underway to find American citizens who are ready to move to a foreign country to be with their respective partners.

The fifth season of the series, which completed its broadcast on December 18, 2023, was filled with several memorable developments. Brandan moved to the Philippines to be with his partner Mary. However, Mary’s insecurities troubled him, only for him to question everything regarding their relationship. Their financial affairs further made them stressed. Brandan still proposed to Mary but the latter startled the former with her response. The tension between them further escalated when Mary met her partner’s mother. Brandan’s mother shared her concerns regarding the couple’s future. Regardless of the challenges they faced, the couple was able to get married.

As far as Julio and Kirsten are concerned, the latter arrived in New York to meet the former’s mother before he could move to the Netherlands. When she returned home, her partner promised to follow her within three months. When Julio postponed his move, Kirsten confronted him. Holly and Wayne’s journey in the series began with them dreaming about their wedding night. Wayne, however, failed to impress Holly’s mother right away. As their relationship progressed, Holly was able to learn several new pieces of information about her partner, including the latter’s financial affairs. Although their relationship led them to their marriage, their bond was threatened when Wayne admitted that he had regrets.

Kenny and Armando faced several conflicts. The latter made it clear that he cannot tolerate the former always getting his way. Still, together, they planned to have a baby and even met a potential surrogate. Kimberly and TJ’s togetherness was threatened when the latter’s brother Yash informed her that the couple’s marriage would ruin several lives. Kimberly still tried to make amends with her partner’s family but the result was not what she hoped for. Despite these conflicts, they were able to proceed to their wedding.

In addition to new cast members, we can expect the return of the host Shaun Robinson, who hosts not only ‘The Other Way’ but also the other ‘90 Day Fiancé’ shows. In addition to the upcoming installment of the show, the ardent admirers of the franchise can wait for ‘90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days’ season 7, which was greenlit in November 2023.

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