1899: Are All Passengers of Prometheus and Kerberos Dead?

Netflix’s ‘1899‘ is a mind-bending TV series that follows a group of migrants aboard a steamship called Kerberos. The migrants have experienced trauma and want to leave it behind in the Old World and move to the New World. So, they board Kerberos, sailing from London to New York. But on its way, Kerberos takes a detour to find Prometheus, a ship that has been missing for the last four months. When Kerberos finds it adrift in the ocean, the Captain, a small crew, and a passenger named Maura go aboard the Prometheus.

They find that everything is shattered, and there is no sign of life. However, they discover that a young boy locked up in a small cupboard is the ship’s sole survivor. All of a sudden, people start dying on Kerberos, and there seems to be no explanation for their deaths. As things turn weirder, it seems like Kerberos and all its passengers will soon meet their doom. If you’re wondering whether all passengers on Prometheus and Kerberos die, allow us to appease your curiosity. SPOILERS AHEAD

A Simulated Fate: The Passengers of Prometheus and Kerberos

No, none of the passengers of Prometheus and Kerberos die because they are all in a simulation. At first, when a crew member finds the bodies of passengers, we get the impression that people are dying under mysterious circumstances. However, as the narrative progresses, it becomes clear that some incomprehensible phenomena are occurring on the ship, and death seems too simple an answer.

The first instance is when Daniel uses his remote to make Prometheus disappear. The second instance is when the young boy is thrown into the ocean but reappears in a cupboard on the ship. Although it is attributed to the pyramid in his hand, this is the first time the passengers see someone practically come back from the dead. The incident opens up the possibility that people might not actually be dying. Besides this, various incidents make the passengers and the audience question the true nature of everything around them.

Later in the show, it is revealed that everything is an illusion, and everyone is in a simulation. Daniel explains this to Maura after confessing that he is her husband and the young boy, Elliot, is their son. He also insists that she must remember what’s real and what’s not. He further adds that this isn’t the first simulation, and dozens have existed before. It is almost like a loop that keeps playing repeatedly. From this, we understand that what happened to Prometheus is also part of the simulation, and the passengers on it are the same as the passengers on Kerberos. Interestingly, we get this hint much earlier in the show when we learn that a half-burned logbook of Prometheus has Maura’s name on the passenger list.

When the other passengers learn what’s happening from Maura, they cannot comprehend it. So, they turn their backs on her and try to find a way into the real world. While their intention of escaping the place is valid, they are not equipped for the task. The only person who can somehow break the loop is Daniel, whose purpose is to end the simulation and help Maura get back to reality.

So, in the end, he connects his remote device to the machine responsible for creating the simulation. He hacks the mainframe and lets a virus destroy the simulation. As this happens, he constructs a different one to help Maura return to reality. Meanwhile, the various passengers start dying due to different circumstances. Finally, as the virus is destroying the simulation, the surviving passengers stand together. When the simulation gets erased, Kerberos also gets erased out of existence.

After the old simulation is erased, Daniel meets Maura and gives her a key. Using this, Maura gets back to reality. When Maura opens her eyes, she finds almost all the people who have experienced trauma with her on the spaceship. This also includes the people who had died in the last few moments while the virus was destroying the simulation. Thus, it becomes clear that everyone was in a simulation, and no passengers aboard Prometheus and Kerberos died.

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