Is Eyk Dead or Alive in 1899?

Netflix’s ‘1899‘ is a sci-fi thriller show that centers on a steamship called Kerberos, sailing from the Old World to the New World. When Captain Eyk receives signals from an unknown vessel, he suspects it might be from Prometheus, which had disappeared four months ago. So, Eyk decides to take a detour and comes face to face with Prometheus. This decision leads him down a dark path from which he may never return.

Captain Eyk is one of the few people who try to understand what’s happening around him. While he does help others and tries to maintain peace on the ship, he puts himself in a dangerous spot because people turn against him. Furthermore, over the eight episodes, he slowly unravels the mystery behind the ship along with Maura. As he inches closer to the truth, he increasingly becomes a threat to those who don’t want him to know. So what happens to Eyk? Does he live or die? Well, let us find out.

Is Eyk Alive or Dead?

Captain Eyk is most likely alive in ‘1899.’ The crew that works with him doesn’t trust his instincts and decision because he lost his family after his wife burned herself and his daughters. We see this in Eyk’s dream, where his wife and daughters burn along with his home. While this incident makes him question everything, the loss also creates a deeper sense of empathy toward life. It is precisely why he always tries to find answers and help Maura.

When Maura and Eyk search for her father, Henry, they encounter the first mate, carrying a remote. The first mate reveals that he works with Henry. Before Maura and Eyk can do something about it, the first mate slides a few buttons, and almost instantly, Eyk drops to the floor. However, this doesn’t mean he is dead because everything is happening within a simulation.

In fact, the incident is quite reminiscent of how one of the passengers, Ada, died earlier in the show. When Ada crosses paths with Daniel, he says only a single word, “Sorry.” Like the first mate, Daniel carries a remote device. Following this, crew members find her dead body and take her to the doctor, who is unable to give a cause for her death. Although it is not revealed, Daniel likely pulled off the same maneuver to put the people into that state. Thus, we understand that something similar happens to Eyk.

Since everything is happening within Maura’s simulation, it is likely that the first mate simply turned off or temporarily shut down Eyk. This is pretty much why Eyk drops almost instantly and doesn’t show any other signs of damage. In the end, when Daniel hacks the simulation, corrupts it with a virus, and deletes it from existence, we assume that Eyk, like the other characters on the ship, got deleted too.

However, when Maura wakes up on a spaceship in 2099, she sees Eyk next to him, along with other people from the ship. Thus, Eyk is alive and not dead. But he isn’t awake, either. So, while we know his body is present in 2099, we do not see what happens to his mind. While there can be multiple theories, we have two that seem more plausible than the others.

The first theory is that the simulation hasn’t ended yet. When Daniel destroys the simulation, we only see Kerberos getting deleted and vanishing into nothingness. The other ships in the archive seem unaffected. Maura wakes up in the spaceship because she cracks the puzzle and is allowed to leave the fictional world. However, since the others didn’t, they might go through the simulation again until they are able to figure it out.

The second theory is that the spaceship in which Maura wakes up is a simulation too. The others might soon join her in yet another puzzle. But we do not know what the mechanics of this puzzle will be. There’s a chance that the same people will not have memories of the previous simulation, and the motive behind the new simulation can be entirely different.

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