Do Maura and Eyk End Up Together in 1899?

Netflix’s ‘1899‘ is a sci-fi mystery TV series that follows a group of migrants aboard a steamship called Kerberos. While traveling from London to New York, Kerberos finds Prometheus, a ship that’s been missing for four months. Captain Eyk, a passenger called Maura, and a small crew go aboard Prometheus to check for survivors. This is the first significant interaction between Eyk and Maura.

Throughout the show, we see Eyk go back and forth between trusting Maura and questioning her. While he wants to believe that Maura is one of the good ones, certain incidents make it hard for him to do so. However, somehow the two build a rapport and stick together in bizarre circumstances. The dynamic between them makes the audience wonder if Maura and Eyk end up together. Well, look no further, as we’ve got an answer. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Do Maura and Eyk End Up Together?

No, Maura and Eyk do not end up together. We see the two reach new levels of trust whenever they face a conflict. But in the end, it doesn’t transpire into a relationship for two reasons. First, Maura learns that she has a husband, which makes her feel a little conflicted about Eyk. Second, everything around the migrants and crew members is merely a simulation.

When Maura and Eyk go aboard the Prometheus, the latter finds a half-burnt log sheet in which he sees the former’s name on the passenger’s list. Seeing how strange it is, he decides to keep his distance from Maura. However, later, he is compelled to ask her about it, and she reveals that her real name is Maura Singleton, and she is Henry Singleton’s daughter. Eyk is familiar with the name because Henry bought three ships, including Prometheus and Kerberos. Maura goes on to say her father is obsessed with the human brain and can even experiment on people.

As the narrative progresses, Maura tries to explain to Eyk how all of this might not be real. She seems sure her father is behind everything happening on the two ships but doesn’t know the motive. It is later revealed that Henry wants the key Maura has. When Maura and Eyk search for Henry, the first mate goes to them and asks Maura for the key. Eyk is unable to believe that his colleague has been working with Henry. However, the first mate doesn’t have any time for discussions. So he takes out a remote device, slides a few buttons, and almost instantly, Eyk falls to the ground.

Maura tries to wake him up, but Eyk doesn’t seem to respond in any way. We understand that if the device can control Eyk, he and the other people are also a part of the simulation. Following this, when Maura enters Henry’s office and gives him the key, the latter explains how the simulation is not his but hers. She created the entire simulation for her purpose, and Henry is trying to stop it and save everyone on the ship.

If we look at Maura’s dynamic with her husband, Daniel,  it doesn’t impact Maura’s relationship with Eyk to a great extent. After Daniel reveals that he is her husband, she doesn’t believe him and accuses him of lying. Later the two have the same conversation, but this time Maura also discovers that she has a boy with Daniel. Although the two kiss for a brief moment, it doesn’t mean that she is back together with him. Daniel is obviously in love with her and is doing everything he can to make her remember the reality. But Maura somehow doesn’t feel anything at all.

On the contrary, if we look at Maura and Eyk’s relationship, there’s far more trust between them, and they share a stronger connection. Whenever there’s a problem, the two try to find a solution together, even if Eyk doesn’t understand everything. For instance, when Maura tells Eyk that Daniel is her husband, Eyk is surprised but doesn’t leave her. When everyone else separates themselves from Maura, Eyk stays back. Finally, when the first mate shuts Eyk down, Maura is far more invested in bringing back Eyk than saving her own boy, Elliot.

After the complete simulation ends, Maura wakes up on the spaceship and looks at other members who aren’t awake yet. Eyk is also one of them, which means Maura and Eyk’s story isn’t over yet. Perhaps in season 2, we might see how their dynamic pans out.

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