7 Best Anime Like Brand New Animal You Must See

Studio Trigger has been long known for creating some of the most visually scintillating anime like ‘Promare‘, ‘Kill la Kill‘, and ‘Little Witch Academia‘. From a visual standpoint, ‘Brand New Animal’ easily ranks amongst the best creations of the studio. With its bright palette of colors and detailed fight scenes, the anime never leaves a dull moment.

When it comes to its plot, ‘BNA’ features intriguing personified-animal characters and its story is absolutely chaotic and quick-paced. Along with this, its depiction of beast-human segregation also alludes to prejudice and racism in the modern world. That being said, for those who have already watched ‘BNA’ and are looking for other similar anime, we have you covered in the list below. Almost all anime mentioned below can be streamed on Hulu, Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

7. Guilty Crown (2011-2012)

A deadly virus, known as the Apocalypse Virus, grips the world in the year 2039 and Japan is among the worst-hit nations. During these dark times, the nation experiences a huge shift in its power divides and the GHQ is soon sent there to establish control. As a result, hefty traction ensues between the citizens and the military official of the GHQ. This leads to the rise of an uprising against the GHQ which is led by a rogue guerilla group known as the Funeral Parlor. As you might have already figured, ‘Guilty Crown‘ and ‘BNA’ are both led by their themes of uneven power divides and focus on two different groups of people divided by a disease that is under no one’s control.

6. Interviews with Monster Girls (2017-)

Compared to most other anime on this list, ‘Interviews with Monster Girls‘ is far less serious and is driven by its high school-centric comedy. Nonetheless, just like ‘BNA’, it revolves around the lives of zany fantastical characters who co-exist with normal humans. The shows centers around Tetsuo Takahashi, an ordinary high school teacher who has an undying fascination for human-monster crossbreeds. Along with his three half-monster students Hikari Takanashi, Kyouko Machi, and Yuki Kusakabe, and fellow teacher succubus Sakie Satou, Tetsuo sets out to learn everything he can about these eccentric beings.

5. Somali and the Forest Spirit (2020-)

Most anime like ‘Beastars‘ and ‘BNA’ that feature anthropomorphic characters have one thing in common—they highlight complex interspecies relationships. ‘Somali and the Forest Spirit‘ does something similar with its depiction of a world where humans are a minority. While the world is ruled by other mythical creatures like spirits, goblins, and elves, humans are ostracized and even killed by the ruling species. But away from the darkness of this world, a young human girl runs into kind-hearted Golem who guards the forest. Defying the norms of his world, the Golem takes on the responsibility to protect the girl like she’s his daughter and embarks on a journey to find her a safe place.

4. Aggretsuko (2018-)

Aggretsuko‘ is another anime that revolves around the lives of adult animal-like characters. Although it isn’t as chaotic and quick-paced as ‘BNA’, it entertains with you its social satire on the day-to-day snags of the working class. Created by Sanrio, the company that made Hello Kitty, ‘Aggretsuko’ is primarily about a frustrated red panda named Retsuko who works as an accountant and is often weighed down by the high expectations of her chauvinistic pig of a boss. To the uninitiated, Retsuko might come off as a cute little character who is reminiscent of Hello Kitty. However, this cutesy panda actually vents out her frustrations by getting drunk at a karaoke bar and singing death metal.

3. Land of the Lustrous (2017-)

In the world of anime, there’s a lot of stigma around CGI and rightfully so. But while most other anime struggle to make the best out of their CGI, anime like ‘Beastars’ and ‘Land of the Lustrous‘ use it as an asset. ‘Land of the Lustrous’ is set in a world where crystalline organisms called Gems exist. These Gems are assigned a fixed set of roles based on their respective abilities. While they fulfill their part in society, an opposing species known as Lunarians destroys them and tries to use their crystalline bodies for decorations. Although pretty simple with its plot, ‘Land of the Lustrous’ creates the perfect balance of comedy and sentimental moments.

2. Dorohedoro (2020-)

‘Dorohedoro’ is again a 3D-CGI anime created by MAPPA Studio. It is chaotic, dark, and replete of themes surrounding oppression and power divides. While its main appeal lies in its colorful and strange cast of characters, its unique world-building adds more charm and excitement to its overarching plot. Throughout its runtime, ‘Doroheodoro’ bounces back and forth between the stories of its huge roster of characters but it primarily revolves around a huge man with a reptile head named Caiman. Caiman, who is desperate to find the magician who cursed him with this appearance, goes down to the bleakest corners of his world to hunt down sorcerers along with his partner Nikaido.

1. Beastars (2019-)

A list of anime depicting anthropomorphic animals would certainly be incomplete without ‘Beastars‘. Set in a typical high school setup, ‘Beastars’ is a unique show that involves complex issues pertinent in the present world. And what makes its depiction of these so intriguing is how it only uses visual metaphors to present these without being preachy about it. Even if you’re not a big fan of personified animal characters, you’ll be surprised to see how beautifully ‘Beastars’ captures the essence of human nature and social diversity.

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