7 Movies Like The Sea Beast You Must See

‘The Sea Beast’ is an animated adventure movie that follows a monster-hunting ship as it roams the treacherous waters infested by monstrous creatures. Their purpose is to kill a fearsome beast of the sea but unknown to the crew, a little girl by the name of Maisie Brumble has sneaked on the ship. She forms an unlikely friendship with Jacob Holland, the son of the captain and a sharp sea monster hunter in his own right.

High on the action but not sacrificing the heart, ‘The Sea Beast’ has something for viewers of all ages. While, at first glance, the movie seems to be about some adventurers’ quest to take down a monster, viewers have also noted going deeper into it that it also addresses themes like imperialism. If you were taken in by ‘The Sea Beast,’ here are movies we have compiled that might interest you further. You can watch most of these movies similar to ‘The Sea Beast’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)

‘Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon’ is about the titular character figuring out the motives of a sea attack carried out by a malicious sea creature on the Chinese fleet. Part of the ‘Detective Dee’ film series, the 2013 movie is a visual spectacle and delivers a high dose of action on the land as well as water. Though not an animated film, the Chinese movie is similar to ‘The Sea Beast’ in featuring a quest to hunt down a monster that lies in the water. Taking place in ancient China, the movie is a detective story coupled with elements of seafaring.

6. Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003)

Getting back to animated waters, ‘Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas’ AKA ‘Sinbad’ is a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas. Borrowing from the classic ‘One Thousand and One Nights’ tales, the movie follows Sinbad as he attempts to take back the Book of Peace from Eris. Along the way, he also has to contend with his love for Marina, who is the fiancée of his once-best friend Proteus. Much like ‘The Sea Beast’, the 2003 movie features lots of action onboard ships and on the water. While the former has monsters, ‘Sinbad’ embraces mythology and has a score of sea creatures.

5. Pocahontas (1995)

While ‘The Sea Beast’ can be enjoyed as a fun action movie, it has also surprised viewers with its takes on the themes of colonialism. Another animated movie that deals with similar themes is ‘Pocahontas.’ The 1995 film recounts the real-life tale of its titular character, though with major modifications. It shows Pocahontas and her Powhatan people dealing with the English settlers that have arrived on the American coast. Meanwhile, the young Native American woman falls in love with the English captain John Smith. Like ‘The Sea Beast’, the Disney movie makes time for its protagonists to see the human side of their supposed enemy.

4. Luca (2021)

Set on the Italian Riveria, ‘Luca’ is a Pixar movie that follows Luca, who is a sea monster but can assume the form of a human. The movie traces his coming-of-age journey with the help of his friend Alberto. Though ‘Luca’ doesn’t feature any battles atop ships, ‘The Sea Beast’ and the Pixar movie share a seaside locale as well as monsters, though they are of a gentle variety in the former’s case. Go for ‘Luca’ if something more comedic yet emotionally powerful is to your taste.

3. Treasure Planet (2002)

Adapted from the classic Robert Louis Stevenson novel ‘Treasure Island,’ ‘Treasure Planet’ gives a sci-fi twist to the story. It centers on Jim Hawkins, a brashly young man who still holds in his heart dreams of the mythical Treasure Planet he read about as a kid. When he chances upon the map that leads to the planet itself, his adventure begins.

Although ‘Treasure Planet’ trades the seas for the vastness of space, the ships still remain. The 2002 animated movie and ‘The Sea Beast’ feature action sequences on ships on an epic scale. In addition, there’s also a common thread of a sense of adventure, as the protagonists in both movies long for it.

2. Moana (2016)

‘The Sea Beast’ is director Chris Williams’ solo debut, but he has worked in a co-director capacity before. One of his directorial ventures is ‘Moana,’ the 2016 Disney yarn about a young girl of the same name who must undertake a journey across the ocean to save her village. Inspired by Polynesian legends, ‘Moana’ also chronicles the colorful characters she encounters along the way, not least among them Maui, a strong demigod. Aside from being helmed by Williams, both ‘Moana’ and ‘The Sea Beast’ showcase journeys across the ocean and feature young girls front-and-center.

1. Moby Dick (1956)

One of the most famous stories about monsters that dwell in the sea, ‘Moby Dick’ is a classic 1851 novel that has had many adaptations. One of them is a 1926 silent movie also titled ‘The Sea Beast.’ Out of all the adaptations, the 1956 version has the best pedigree both behind and in front of the camera.

Starring Oscar winner Gregory Peck, the film is directed by renowned director John Huston. The is screenplay co-written by Huston and acclaimed novelist Ray Bradbury. Inspiration of the Moby Dick tale is clear to see in ‘The Sea Beast’.  ‘Moby Dick’ also follows a sea captain who is on the hunt for an elusive sea-dwelling beast, the White Whale Moby Dick.  See the 1956 movie if you want something more adult and more concentrated on the psychosis of the seafarers.

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