Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell’s A Big Bold Beautiful Journey: Plot Details, Revealed

Margot Robbie and Colin Farrell-starrer ‘A Big Bold Beautiful Journey’ revolves around a 37-year-old New Yorker named David (Farrell), who embarks on a downstate road trip to attend a wedding in his trusty 1996 Volkswagen Passat, equipped with a peculiar GPS feature. At the event, he crosses paths with Sarah (Robbie), a fellow thirty-something with a tough exterior who leaves David uncertain about her feelings as she pairs off with a groomsman, signaling ambiguity.

As the narrative progresses, David’s GPS offers an intriguing proposition: a “big bold beautiful journey.” He accepts the proposition when his curiosity is piqued, only to find himself at a Burger King, coincidentally joined by Sarah. Over Whoppers, they decide to embark on this enigmatic adventure. Their journey takes them to a museum that doubles as a lighthouse, where they discover their growing affection. Then, they revisit a pivotal moment in David’s past, which paves the way for his heartbreak.

David and Sarah’s saga continues as they explore a painted version of Paris at a Chicago museum. Sarah seizes the opportunity to reconcile with her late mother in a past hospital visit. The GPS catapults them into a future where they are married, offering them a glimpse of their potential happiness. Returning to the present, David and Sarah must choose whether to continue their journey in the real world as two guarded souls facing a profound decision.

The shooting of the movie will begin in the Californian cities of Ventura and Riverside in the coming spring.

The road trip movie is directed by Kogonada based on a screenplay by ‘The Menu’ fame Seth Reiss. He previously collaborated with Farrell in his last feature, ‘After Yang.’ The filmmaker is currently engaged in the production of the ‘Star Wars’ series ‘The Acolyte,’ which he is directing with Alex Garcia Lopez. Kogonada co-directed and executive produced Apple TV+’s period drama series ‘Pachinko,’ which earned him a Peabody Award. The famed video essayist made his filmmaking debut with the 2017 drama ‘Columbus,’ starring John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson.

Robbie joined the film after the phenomenal success of ‘Barbie.’ She is headlining the cast of the upcoming ‘Ocean’s’ prequel, along with Ryan Gosling. Her recent credits include Wes Anderson’s ‘Asteroid City,’ Damien Chazelle’s ‘Babylon,’ and David O. Russell’s ‘Amsterdam.’

Farrell, on the other hand, is reportedly a part of the cast of ‘All of Us Strangers’ fame Andrew Haigh’s upcoming feature ‘Belly of the Beast.’ He will also feature in Apple TV+’s science-fiction drama ‘Sugar.’ The actor portrayed Pádraic Súilleabháin in ‘The Banshees of Inisherin,’ John Volanthen in ‘Thirteen Lives,’ and Oz/The Penguin in ‘The Batman.’ The actor is reprising the latter character in Max’s upcoming series ‘The Penguin’ as well.

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