Where Was A Party to Die For Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Nanea Miyata, ‘A Party to Die For’ acquaints us with Sadie, an ambitious woman who arrives in Los Angeles after having fled a troublesome past. She gears her life toward acquiring wealth, status, and luxury, meticulously crafting her social circle. Sadie finds everything she is looking for in Owen, a handsome and wealthy nightclub owner, and also befriends Jessica, an impetuous daughter of a Vegas tycoon. Using Owen’s mansion when he is out of town, she throws a large party with Jessica and invites a group of clubbers.

After a night of excess, Sadie is awoken by a panicked Jessica, who asks her to help dispose of a body. Terrified, she goes along with her plan, making her an accomplice. Unwilling to abandon Owen and everything she has achieved, Saide steels herself and digs herself deeper with an increasingly psychotic Jessica. As their clandestine actions and Jessica’s escalating recklessness unravel, even Owen becomes entangled. Sadie discovers she must not only confront Jessica and the fallout but also reckon with her true self. With the plot navigating neon-lit nightclubs and glamorous mansions, one might be intrigued to explore the real-world locations of the Lifetime film.

A Party to Die For Filming Locations

‘A Party to Die’ was filmed entirely in New Jersey, using locations around Cherry Hill. The film was initially a Tubi Original released in 2022 but has found a new home on the Lifetime Channel. Principal photography began in mid-June 2022 and was carried out over three weeks before being wrapped up on June 27, 2022. Allow us to elaborate upon the filming locales chosen for the movie.

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Situated on the edge of Philadelphia, just across the Delaware River, the township of Cherry Hill became a comprehensive filming destination for ‘A Party to Die For.’ The film’s primary location, Owen’s house, is the former Muhammad Ali Mansion. The movie’s nightclub scenes, bathed in a sultry hue of purple neon lighting, were filmed at an establishment in the town. Cherry Hill provided the film crew with versatile backdrops, from picturesque residential neighborhoods to vibrant commercial areas, for shooting various scenes of the movie.

Located at 1121 Winding Drive in Cherry Hill, Muhammad Ali’s former mansion stood in for Own’s house, where a majority of the narrative unfolds. The boxing legend lived at the 1.5-acre property between 1971 and 1973. Its modern kitchen and adjoining atrium, pool, and 12-foot-long wet bar can be seen featured in the film. In recent years the mansion has become known for massive AirBnB parties and catered events that have drawn unruly crowds, fistfights, and the police. With its notorious reputation, the mansion became a perfect filming site for the iniquitous events of ‘A Party to Die For.’

Cherry Hill’s affluent residential areas, characterized by stately homes and manicured lawns, provide a sophisticated backdrop for scenes of opulence and refinement. As the sun sets, Cherry Hill Mall, a premier shopping destination, transforms into a beacon of glamour with its upscale boutiques and vibrant atmosphere, creating a visually stunning backdrop for high-end fashion and luxury. From social events at renowned venues to chic shopping districts and elegant residential scenes, the town exudes an air of refinement which can be seen in the multiple filming locations of ‘A Party to Die For.’

Beyond its visual appeal, the town possesses a welcoming atmosphere, with accessible permits, film-friendly policies, and supportive local authorities. Cherry Hill stands ready to welcome filmmakers seeking the ideal blend of glamour and versatility. Yet the town is somewhat of a hidden gem as a filming destination, and has been home to films like ‘Jersey Girl’ and ‘The Detective.’

A Party to Die For Cast

Jonetta Kaiser leads the film as Sophie, with Kara Royster and Jermaine Rivers essaying the characters of Jessica and Owen respectively. Jonetta Kaiser is an actress seen in productions like ‘Vampire Academy,’ ‘Root Letter,’ ‘Breakwater,’ and ‘Two Sides.’ Jermaine Rivers is most well-known for his work in ‘The Gifted’ as Shatter. He can also be spotted in ‘Black Adam,’ ‘Power Book III: Raising Kanan,’ ‘Fatal Attraction,’ and ‘Dynasty.’

Kara Royster is an experienced actress who can be seen enacting Alicia Banes in ‘Supernatural,’ Abby Martin in ‘K.C. Undercover,’ and Brandi in ‘Faking It.’ Supporting cast members for the film include Madia Hill Scott as Briana, Shay Guthrie as Gloria, Buddy Caine as Adam, Brenna Carnuccio as Ally, Nakia Dillard as JD, and Amanda Lupacchino as Erin. Other cast members include Marko Christie, Matthew Owen McKenna, Jon Reinhold, Madison Schwartz, Greg Tucker, and Shannan Wilson.

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