Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s ‘Fuze’ Starts Filming in London and Malta in June

The filming of Aaron Taylor-Johnson-starrer ‘Fuze’ is finally set to commence in London and Malta in June. As revealed earlier, David Mackenzie is directing this heist thriller based on a screenplay by Ben Hopkins. Taylor-Johnson and Mackenzie, who previously collaborated on Netflix’s historical drama ‘Outlaw King,’ reunite for the film.

The plot of the movie unfolds with the unearthing of an unexploded World War II bomb at a London construction site, triggering a large-scale evacuation as bomb disposal experts rush to neutralize the threat. The commotion surrounding the bomb creates the perfect cover for a bank heist.

Taylor-Johnson is a part of the cast of the upcoming film ‘The Fall Guy,’ starring alongside Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt, in which a down-and-out stuntman is on a mission to locate the missing star of his ex-girlfriend’s blockbuster film. In the action thriller ‘Bullet Train,’ he played Tangerine, one of the five assassins aboard a high-speed train whose missions unexpectedly intersect. His recent credits also include roles in ‘The King’s Man’ and Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet.’

Mackenzie’s recent directorial works include episodes of ‘Under the Banner of Heaven‘ and ‘Homemade.’ His ‘Outlaw King’ depicts the 14th-century Scottish hero Robert the Bruce’s struggle against the formidable English army. The filmmaker also directed the crime thriller ‘Hell or High Water,’ which follows two brothers who plot bank heists to save their family ranch. Mackenzie’s portfolio encompasses projects such as ‘Starred Up’ and ‘Tonight You’re Mine.’

“Tension is one of the purest emotions that cinema can create. I had the idea of combining all the high stakes of an unexploded bomb with that of a bank robbery — clashing these two genres to create as much pressure as possible — in a context that feels as real as possible,” Mackenzie said in a statement. “Ben Hopkins took those ingredients and cooked up the compelling script that we are now taking into production,” he added.

Hopkins’ latest writing endeavors include the script for the thriller drama ‘Inside,’ which follows Nemo, a sophisticated art thief who finds himself trapped in a New York penthouse after a heist gone awry. The screenwriter also wrote/co-wrote projects such as ‘In Search of Monsters,’ ‘Marionette,’ and ‘Hasret: Sehnsucht.’

Netflix’s ‘Ripley‘ and ‘Scoop‘ have recently utilized London as their filming location, while Malta has hosted the shooting of films/shows such as Ridley Scott’s ‘Napoleon‘ and Paramount+’s ‘1923’ in the previous years.

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