Abbie Cornish to Star in Rural Thriller Out of Nowhere

Abbie Cornish has joined the cast of the rural thriller ‘Out of Nowhere.’ The filming of the project will start in Wales, United Kingdom, in April. Steven Sheil is directing the movie based on his screenplay. The plot revolves around two troubled teenage girls from a care home whose lives intersect with a crime novelist.

Sheil is known for co-writing and directing the action-horror film ‘Dead Mine,’ which revolves around a treasure hunt in the Indonesian jungle that leads to a harrowing exploration of a World War II Japanese bunker. His horror-thriller ‘Mum & Dad’ delves into the unsettling story of Lena, a Polish immigrant caught in a sinister adoption scheme after visiting a co-worker’s family home at an airport. The filmmaker’s directorial portfolio includes the short film ‘I Do Not Want to Smoke,’ which explores one of the earliest experiments utilizing cinema for psychotherapeutic treatment. He also helmed ‘Unmade,’ a short film depicting a woman’s visit to a spiritualist healer for a final conversation with her deceased husband.

Cornish portrayed Cathy Mueller in ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan‘ and Anna in the crime thriller film ‘Blackout.’ The latter follows a man entangled in a hospital lockdown while grappling with amnesia and pursued by the Cartel. In the family movie ‘Dakota,’ she played Kate Sanders, a widow managing a small-town farm and the local volunteer fire department. Additionally, the actress appeared alongside Anson Mount and Anthony Hopkins in ‘The Virtuoso,’ embodying The Waitress in a tale of danger, deception, and murder. Her recent credits include ‘Secret Bridesmaids’ Business,’ ‘Where Hands Touch,’ and ‘Paris Song.’

The picturesque landscapes of Wales, chosen as the filming location of this movie, have previously served as the backdrop for notable productions such as Netflix’s teen drama ‘Sex Education‘ and the historical series ‘The Crown.’

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