Blackout (2022) Ending, Explained: What Is Inside the Case?

Netflix’s ‘Blackout’ is an action thriller film directed by Sam Macaroni that stars Josh Duhamel (‘Jupiter’s Legacy‘) as John Cain, a man dealing with memory loss. He wakes up in a hospital without any recollection of his past. Soon, Cain finds himself fighting for survival as a dangerous cartel leader, and DEA Agents target him. Meanwhile, Cain learns about a mysterious case that seems to be at the root of the conflict he finds himself trapped. Therefore, viewers must be curious to learn about Cain’s fate, his past, and the case’s whereabouts. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Blackout.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Blackout Plot Synopsis

‘Blackout’ opens with Ethan McCoy (Nick Nolte), the head of a DEA team, searching for a man named John Cain in a burned-down house. Meanwhile, John Cain wakes up in a hospital near Mexico. He has no recollection of his past or how he got to the hospital. As Cain struggles to remember who he is, he meets Anna (Abbie Cornish), a woman who claims to be his wife. On the other hand, Eddie, a notorious cartel leader, claims to be Cain’s friend. Eddie and Anna try to bring back Cain’s memories, but he is unsure if they can be trusted.

Soon, Cain is attacked by some goons dressed as hospital staff and realizes that the hospital is in lockdown. Cain decides to escape the hospital with the help of Eddie and Anna. Meanwhile, Eddie threatens Dr. Garza, who is caring for Cain, to bring back his memories. However, Cain is injured after a fight in the elevator and meets Dr. Garza. Cain learns from Dr. Garza that Eddie and his cartel are after a case that Cain had stolen. They tried to use memory drugs on Cain to uncover the case’s location. However, Dr. Garza took away Cain’s memories so that he would be useless to the cartel and his life would be saved.

Later, Cain learns from Anna that the CIA recruited him to steal the case, which contains highly sensitive information. On the other hand, an encounter with McCoy leads Cain to believe he is a DEA Agent. Unsure of who he can trust, Cain must tell on his wits to survive the deadly hunt for the case. Meanwhile, flashes of his past give Cain hints about the case’s whereabouts and his relationship with McCoy, Eddie, and Anna, whether or not Cain regains his memories and discovers the case’s location from the rest of the plot.

Blackout Ending: Does Cain Regain His Memory?

The conceit of the film’s plot hinges on Cain’s memory loss. The man with a mysterious past has nearly no recollection of his life. While Cain remembers basic human life, he does not remember his own identity. As a result, Cain relies on those around him for answers about his past. However, after learning about the threat to his life and his connection to the missing case, Cain realizes he cannot trust anyone. Meanwhile, Eddie, Anna, and McCoy each give him pieces of his past that will benefit their own search for the case.

As the narrative progresses, Cain’s quest to uncover his past intertwines with the search for the case. Therefore, it becomes evident that the case might provide Cain with answers about his identity. As a result, Cain decides to recover the case and finally end the inconvenience of not having access to his memories. The search culminates in a climactic battle, where Cain fights the cartel. He battles with Eddie, and despite the glimpses of his past friendship with Eddie, Cain realizes he cannot trust the man. Cain kills Eddie, but the incident does not jog his memory.

During the climax, Anna arrives just in time to help Cain. Anna’s assistance sparks a memory from Cain’s past, and he realizes they share a special connection. As a result, Cain becomes convinced that he can trust Anna. Ultimately, Cain is unable to regain the entirety of his memories. Cain’s memories were erased to save his life, and it is implied that he knew some sensitive information. However, in the end, Cain’s memories do not return. He is only able to recollect the essence of his relationship with Anna. Nonetheless, the fraction of his memory appears to be the most important. It helps Cain trust someone and gives him the courage to continue fighting for his life.

Does Cain Find the Case? What Is Inside It?

During the film’s climax, Cain is preoccupied with fighting Eddie and his men. However, Anna succeeds in locating the case. As viewers know by this point, Dr. Garza had hidden the case away in the hospital so that he could save Cain’s life. Moreover, if Cain were to defeat Eddie and the cartel, it would free his hospital from their criminal activities. Therefore, the doctor had carefully hidden the briefcase. Only by looking carefully at the clues provided by Dr. Garza is Anna able to locate the case. However, the case’s contents remain a mystery until the very end.

After defeating the cartel, Cain and Anna are reduced by McCoy’s team. McCoy meets the couple in a car and demands the case. However, before handing over the case, Cain demands to know what is inside it. McCoy reveals that the case contains the names and addresses of all the people who hold power in the world. It includes the details of the “puppet and puppeteer,” implying that the names in the briefcase belong to an Illuminati-type group. As such sensitive information is too much for a single person to hold, McCoy decides to kill Cain.

However, Anna comes to Cain’s rescue and kills McCoy’s men. In the end, Cain and Anna decide to keep the case but do not open its contents. They deduce that McCoy wanted the case so he could sell its information on the black market and make money. However, the couple ends up foiling his plan. However, Cain spares McCoy’s life, likely out of their shared past, which Cain remembers only briefly. Ultimately, the case contains information that can create chaos in the world, and the entire fight for obtaining the case is to create a balance within society. Eddie, McCoy, and Cain each have their own takes on this concept of balance. However, Cain emerges on top and decides to keep the case hidden to avoid more such conflicts.

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