Adam Kodra From Below Deck Down Under: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Adam Vincent/Instagram

Peacock’s ‘Below Deck Down Under‘ is an Australian reality show that is part of the famous ‘Below Deck‘ franchise. Throughout the show, the viewers are introduced to many crew members whose life in the sea is quite interesting. The second season of the two featured many such intriguing cast members, out of which Adam Kodra (who also goes by Adam Vincent) certainly stood out. With a unique set of skills and a personality that easily captivates others, it is no wonder that this deckhand has garnered so many fans.

Adam Kodra Shares a Close Bond With His Family

Celebrating his birthday every year on December 31, Adam Kodra is an athletic man who has long been passionate about skating, having even met the legendary Tony Hawk in July 2014. Though he hails from Brooklyn, New York, he enjoys spending time out in the sea. When not traveling international waters, Adam enjoys rugby, with skateboarding also being an evident interest of his. The reality TV star is close to his family and adores his mother. Besides, he has confessed that he misses his family members the most while working on yachts.

Adam Kodra’s Profession

When Adam Kodra appeared in the second season of ‘Below Deck Down Under,’ he had been working in the yachting industry for only a year. That said, it seems like he has had some prior experience traversing large water bodies and certainly possesses the talent of navigating boats only through his knowledge of stars, like an old-time sailor. For a person who is so involved in the world of sea travel, Adam’s confession of being prone to seasickness certainly surprised many.

In season 2 of the Peacock series, Adam was seen working as Deckhand on Northern Sun, a superyacht that, at the time, was being captained by Jason Chambers. It is undoubtedly evident that he wants to achieve success in his chosen path, and we wish him the best and hope that he achieves his dreams and goals. In fact, Adam’s fans would certainly be happy to see him in further seasons of their favorite show.

Adam Kodra is Likely Not Dating Anyone

As of writing, Adam Kodra does not seem to be dating anyone. Nonetheless, it is not unknown for cast members of ‘Below Deck Down Under’ and its sister shows to become romantically involved with fellow crew members, especially given that they spend so much time together.

According to Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott, a possible romance between Stewardess Margot Sisson and Adam might have taken place during the events of season 2, but no clarification or updates have been shared about the same as of writing. No matter the situation, the reality TV Deckhand does appear to be single at the moment, and we hope that he soon finds what he wants regarding love and romance.

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