Harry Van Vliet From Below Deck Down Under: All We Know About the Star

Image Credit: Harry Van Vliet/Instagram

Below Deck Down Under‘ is a Peacock reality show that follows various crew members of different superyachts. Part of the famous ‘Below Deck‘ franchise, each season of this Australian series introduces viewers to various new cast members while some of the old ones make a comeback. In season 2, we got to see many new faces, including Harry Van Vliet, a Deckhand whose friendliness and love for traveling made him one of the favorites. If you are eager to learn more about him, get ready to explore everything that we know about the same!

Harry Van Vliet Hails From Sydney

Born on April 1, 1999, Harry Van Vliet hails from Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. The 24-year-old reality TV star is an extrovert who claims he can become friends with anyone, a skill that he admits often comes in “handy.” More than anything, he seems to love outdoor activities, including surfing, scuba diving, wakeboarding, and camping.

That said, traveling seems to be Harry’s primary passion, and he often likes to visit various places worldwide, which may or may not have been a motivating factor behind his having chosen the career path that he is on. Some notable places that he has visited include California and Mexico. Despite his love for outdoor activities, Harry does miss hanging out with his friends and enjoying a good meal with them when he has to serve as a crew member.

Harry Van Vliet’s Profession

When Harry was first seen in season 2 of ‘Below Deck Down Under,’ he had already been a part of the yachting industry for three years. Serving as a Deckhand under the captainship of Jason Chambers, he was a crew member on Northern Sun, a superyacht he described as “an adventure boat.” Harry’s comment was based on the fact most of the guests were eager to see the Great Barrier Reef and Australia, something he considers an adventure.

Harry’s presence in the Peacock series certainly catapulted him into the limelight, and he has become beloved for the same. The reality TV star’s amicable nature has been one of the biggest reasons behind his fame, and we are sure that his fans are eager to see him in even more seasons of the hit series. We certainly hope that Harry soon achieves his professional dreams and retains the love the public has for him.

Harry Van Vliet is Likely Not Dating Anyone

As of writing, it does not seem like Harry is dating anyone. However, that does not mean that the public is utterly unaware of anything romantic going on in his life. When it comes to ‘Below Deck Down Under’ and its sister shows, the public has long been treated to on-deck romances between various crew members, who often have only each other for company for long periods while out in international waters.

Before the release of season 2, Chief Stewardess Aesha Scott hinted towards a possible romantic connection between Stewardess Margot Sisson and Harry. Given the former’s apparently shifting attention regarding potential love interests, it is hard to say what might be happening between them. As of writing, Harry has not shared any news regarding his love life. No matter the case, we wish him the best in all his ventures and hope his romantic life is full of joy.

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