Ahsoka: Is Sabine Wren Force Sensitive? Explained

Disney+’s ‘Ahsoka‘ (also known as ‘Star Wars: Ahsoka’) is an action-adventure that follows the titular character’s quest to stop a dangerous threat from returning to the galaxy far, far away after the Empire’s fall. The show also sees Sabine Wren making the jump from animation to live-action, with actress Natasha Liu Bordizzo essaying the role. However, as the narrative progresses, Ahsoka trains Sabine to become a Jedi, a seemingly impossible feat without access to the Force, raising questions over whether Sabine Wren is force-sensitive. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sabine Wren’s Ambiguous Force Powers

Sabine Wren was first introduced in the animated series ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ She is a Mandalorian warrior who allies herself with the group of rebels led by Jedi Master Kanan Jarrus. In the series, Sabine is not known to be Force-sensitive and does not depict any Force powers. However, she is a skilled fighter and trained in the ways of Mandalorian warfare. Sabine later acquires the Darksaber, the traditional weapon of the Mandalorians. Kanan trains her in lightsaber dueling, but the Jedi Master notes Sabine’s low aptitude for the Force.

In ‘Ahsoka,’ which is set after the events of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ Sabine is revealed to have undergone some form of Jedi training under Ahsoka Tano following the disappearance of Kanan’s Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger. However, their master and apprentice relationship was soon resolved, leaving Sabine’s Jedi training incomplete. In the second episode, Sabine joins Ahsoka on her quest to find Thrawn and Ezra while resuming Sabine’s Jedi training. In the third episode, a brief moment during Sabine’s training depicts her wielding the Force.

In the ‘Star Wars‘ universe, the Force is the power that resides within all living entities. However, only a select few can call upon the Force and wield its enigmatic powers. Ahsoka’s former Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker, and Anakin’s son, Luke Skywalker, are among the most powerful Force users in the galaxy. It is also stated that Force sensitivity is a crucial aspect of completing one’s Force training. However, it has also been proven that Force sensitivity is not the defining factor behind becoming a Jedi.

While most Jedi are skilled in using Force, there are some, such as the High Republic era Jedi Master Sskeer, who continued being a Jedi despite losing their connection to the Force. Therefore, Sabine can be trained as a Jedi without having an aptitude for the Force. Moreover, Sabine has developed her lightsaber skills under Ahsoka, which has already set her on the path to becoming a Jedi. Even Master Yoda has canonically stated that individuals can become Jedi without having Force powers.

In the Jedi Order’s heyday, Padawans were chosen based on their aptitude for the Force, calculated via the Midi-chlorian count. However, in the era after the Empire’s fall, wherein ‘Ahsoka’ takes place, few Jedi are left. Moreover, Jedi Masters such as Kanan, Luke Skywalker, and even Ahsoka have shown an inclination to train individuals who can walk the path of Jedi and embody the Order’s ideals. Therefore, it seems like Force sensitivity is no longer an obstacle to becoming a Jedi. Ultimately, ‘Ahsoka’ strongly hints at Sabine being Force-sensitive but not in a traditional sense.

While it seems like Sabine does have access to the Force, she does not have any of the Force’s powers, such as mind tricks and farsight. However, the constant indication of Sabine’s low Force sensitivity sets up an interesting arc for the character to discover the ways of the Jedi without the risk of Sabine succumbing to the dark side, as seen with individuals with high force sensitivity. It might also explain why Ahsoka decides to train Sabine as her own Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker, fell prey to the dark side due to his strong connection to the Force. Lastly, the series could also be setting up a major twist regarding Sabine’s Force powers by slowly building up the unique nature of her connection to the Force.

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