Alan and Ale: Sugar Rush The Baking Point Finalists Are Flourishing Now

Image Credit: Francisco Morales/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Sugar Rush: The Baking Point,’ AKA ‘Pasteleros Contra el Tiempo,’ is a beloved Mexican baking show that is part of the ‘Sugar Rush’ franchise. The cooking series is hosted by Carlos “Capi” Perez and features multiple teams of two that give it their all to race against time to prove their skills as bakers. The recently released season 1 of the show featured some amazingly talented culinary experts like Alan Tercero and Alejandra “Ale” Ambríz, whose on-screen journey was full of ups and downs, making them immensely engaging to watch.

Alan and Ale’s Sugar Rush: The Baking Point Journey

For Alan and Ale, the start of the Netflix show was certainly not great. While they avoided being in the bottom 2 for the first round on Day 1, they did not meet the judges’ expectations in the second round and were eliminated from the competition for the time being. However, midway through the season, they had to compete against Dany Orsan and Ana Laura Rodríguez, as well as Lis Magaña and Luli Palacios, in hopes of reentering the competition.

Thanks to their renewed teamwork and dedication towards baking, Alan and Ale won both rounds of the wildcard challenge. This earned them a straight ticket to the semi-finals, where they had to compete against three more teams. They performed admirably in the first round of this monumental day and bagged the runner-up position for the cke round, earning them an extra half hour to use in the finals they now had an assured place in.

The time had come for Alan and Ale to give it their all and show the world exactly why they were one of the finalists. In this final leg of the competition, they faced off against the highly respected duo of Israel Vázquez and Iván Zavala, along with Ruth Cabeza and Rubí Esparza. For the day’s first round, the bakers had to make a cupcake inspired by either a mythical creature or a Mexican animal considered magical. Additionally, they had to create a confection inspired by a Mexican legend. Unfortunately, while their performance was impressive, Alan and Ale narrowly missed out on securing a spot in the top 2 and trying their luck in the last round.

Where Are Alan and Ale Now?

As of writing, both Alan and Ale seem to be thriving in their professional lives. The former actually serves as the Pâtissier and Chocolatier for Chocolat3k, as well as Craquelin Cake Shop. The chocolate expert is quite proud of his work, which is understandable given how intricate some of his creations are. In fact, the reality TV star has a separate Instagram account where he shares images of his creations and the stories behind them.

Ale, too, seems to be enjoying her life as a Pastry Chef. Based in the southern part of Mexico City, Mexico, the baker takes custom cake orders and designs them according to the specifications provided. The results are certainly catching and undoubtedly make her clients extremely happy. While more than happy to share her professional accomplishments, she likes to keep the details of her personal life private. We wish Alan and Ale the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future.

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