Are Ali and Alex From Selling the OC Still Friends?

Although Alexandra “Ali” Harper is new to the world of Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC’ as a Nashville native trying to make it big in Orange County as a realtor, she’s not new to entertainment. After all, she’s a former pageant queen as well as a well-loved fashion and food influencer currently just doing her best to earn her real estate license so as to finally follow her true passion. It thus comes as no surprise she can handle herself in most situations, yet she did lose her cool with Alexandra “Alex” Hall in season 3 for making some obscene comments in a podcast.

Ali and Alex’s Drama Was Unexpected

When we first came across Ali in season 2 of the Netflix original, she was merely a southern girl trying her hand at real estate and hoping to land a spot at a brokerage to learn the ropes. She was thus obviously more than grateful when Polly Brindle decided to take her under her wings before introducing her to everyone at the Oppenheim Group and opening some gates. So, of course, she gradually got to know Alex too, only to have a rather positive opinion of her until Alexadra Jarvis took her out to lunch to warn her about some significant office politics.

Nevertheless, Ali remained deadset on building her own connections plus forming her own opinions, just for Alex to turn it upside down by calling a fellow co-worker psychotic on a podcast. The fact everyone had asked her who it was about, if it referred to fellow co-worker Kayla Cardona, and if she really meant it, just for her categorically deny most things affected her too. That’s because when the podcast came out, it was evident Alex was talking about Kayla – she’d named her and called her crazy before going as far as to state she should be medicated.

When confronted, Alex asserted she’d blacked out and didn’t know whom she was speaking of, but her level of fierceness while claiming the single mother is psychotic was too real. Ali hence doubled down on it since she truly considered Kayla a close friend; plus, this kind of behavior was not something she’d ever seen or could tolerate because that’s just not how she was raised. She knew women supporting women mattered a lot, especially in this world, which is why this whole situation triggered her so much – so, even though Alex and Kayla later seemingly talked everything out, she remained a bit cold towards the former.

Ali and Alex Aren’t Really Friends

From what we can tell, although Ali and Alex apparently respectfully continue to work together to this day, they don’t have a personal connection in any way, shape, or form. In fact, it seems like they both actively try to maintain some sort of distance between them, as made evident by the fact they don’t even follow one another on any social media platforms. No matter what the case may be between them, though, they both individually appear to be perfectly content in their personal as well as professional lives at the moment, which is all that truly matters in the long run.

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