Is Alicia Dead or Alive in Fear the Walking Dead? [Spoiler]

Image Credit: Lauren "Lo" Smith/AMC

The first half of AMC’s post-apocalyptic seriesFear the Walking Dead’ season 8 concludes with a startling revelation concerning the fate of Alicia Clark, the daughter of Madison Clark. In the seventh episode, Madison’s former enemy Troy Otto resurfaces in her life, revealing that he is alive. He makes it clear to her that he is longing to exact revenge and produces Alicia’s prosthetic arm to make her believe that he killed her daughter. When Madison gets puzzled seeing the arm, her friend Victor Strand confirms that the same belongs to Alicia. Since the revelation brings Alicia’s fate back into discussion, let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Alicia’s Sacrifice

Alicia’s health has deteriorated ever since getting bitten by a walker. Although she amputates one of her arms to buy more time for the sake of safeguarding her friends and allies, the disease transmitted through the bite increasingly gets hold of her system, threatening her life. At the end of the seventh season, Alicia initially fights and later reconnects with Victor Strand to make him realize that their allies need a safe place for their survival. She sends both of their groups to PADRE and bids adieu to Victor without joining them. Alicia knows that she would slow them down due to her ill health, which makes her decide to stay back instead of joining her friends.

If Troy’s words are to be believed, he must have killed Alicia after locating her near the premises of Victor’s Tower. Ever since recovering from his near-death experience, Troy must have raised a militia and tried to hunt down Madison for nearly killing him. His journey to find her must have led him to Alicia. Since she is without friends or allies to protect her, Troy must have found it easy to overpower and eventually kill her with the help of his militia. Having said that, Troy is not the most trustworthy person Madison ever encountered after the collapse of the world. He can be lying to get into her head and make her weak.

Since Troy and the Clarks have lived together at his Broke Jaw Ranch, he knows very well that Madison loves Alicia very much. Since the first step of defeating Madison is killing her fighting spirit and will, Troy can be lying about Alicia’s death to bring her down emotionally. He most likely knows that it will be easier for him to weaken Madison if she is immersed in grief and the guilt of not protecting her daughter. But how can Alicia be alive?

The Reawakening

First of all, we know that Alicia’s sickness may not have killed her. “[…] we really wanted to build this kind of reawakening of Alicia, where she has been through this incredible journey and is now standing up and is going to be walking into a kind of a new world with a newfound strength… We know that she’s been saving that bullet out of fear of turning. Her using that on a walker really is a sign that Alicia believes she has beaten this thing, that Alicia thinks she’s going to live… Then we see her walk off as a triumphant hero,” co-showrunner Andrew Chambliss told in ‘Fear the Walking Dead: Episode Insider.’

If Alicia recovers from her disease, the chances of Troy killing her are not high. Even when she is not well, Alicia has fought battles and overcome challenges. Escaping from Troy, completely healthy, is not the hardest thing she has to do. After regaining her health, she may have even formed a new group with the hope of leading them to PADRE and they must have helped her fight Troy. All he may have gained from their possible fight can be her prosthetic arm. If that’s the case, Troy must have settled with the same. Since Alicia is not the one who nearly kills him, he may have thought that he shouldn’t waste his resources fighting her.

Troy must have taken the arm and fled from the premises of the Tower to focus on exacting his vengeance on Madison and occupying PADRE. Thus, Alicia may have not died for good.

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