Lifetime’s Alone in the Dark: Exploring Filming Locations and Cast Details

Brant Daugherty’s directorial debut, ‘Alone in the Dark’ spins the thrilling tale of a divorcee being stalked in her lakehouse. Bri Collins is under house arrest in a picturesque community in the hills, while her ex-husband is spending time in jail for financial crimes. Bri begins to suspect that she is being watched and looks to increase the security of her house. Hiring an expert, Bri secures the lakeside home with cameras, reinforcement, and enhanced locking mechanisms.

However, she receives bad and worse news of her ex being released from jail and a woman in their neighborhood disappearing for her home. With the police unwilling to help her without evidence, Bri must take charge of her own safety while investigating who among the many suspects in the seemingly serene neighborhood is responsible for the stalking and kidnapping. The Lifetime horror-thriller movie paints a frightening picture of isolation and obsession, turning a stunning holiday home into a nightmarish setting. The movie’s unique backdrop might pique the interest of some in discovering where it was filmed.

Where Was Alone in the Dark Filmed?

‘Alone in the Dark’ was filmed entirely within Los Angeles County, California, with most scenes being filmed around a neighborhood in Agoura Hills. Principal photography began on April 11, 2022, and was concluded in early May of the same year. Shooting was completed smoothly despite the tight filming schedule, and director Brant Daugherty took to social media to thank the crew for assisting him through several tough spots in the filming process. “Couldn’t have done this without you guys. Thanks for handling several of my freakouts,” he wrote in the caption of an image he shared online. Let us take a closer look at the filming destinations chosen for ‘Alone in the Dark.’

Los Angeles County, California

The film crew ventured to the Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles County to capture the scenic landscapes and homes seen in the movie. The neighborhood where the production team set up shop was on South Lake Shore Drive in Agoura Hills. Nestled within the Santa Monica Mountains south of the city, the community on the southern bank of Malibou Lake was chosen as the primary filming location for ‘Alone in the Dark.’ The house of Bri Collins, around which most of the narrative revolves, is actually the property on 29175 South Lake Shore Drive.

Built in 2011, the house is a single-family residence perched right at the shore of Malibou Lake. Constructed with a sleek modern design, its most striking feature is a slanted roof that extends over a loft. Surrounded by mountains, exuding sophistication, and featuring a large deck right up to the waterfront, the property became a perfectly enigmatic setting for most of the movie to unfold. Besides the protagonist’s house, shots of the neighbor’s homes were also lensed in the same locale. Several scenes, including a character falling off a boat and into the water, were filmed on the Malibou Lake. The sequence was actually performed by stunt double Nailah Johnson under the watchful eye of stunt coordinator Chris Gann.

Alone in the Dark Cast

Novi Brown leads the film by stepping into the role of Bri Collins. The actress is well known for her essaying of Sabrina Hollins in the TV series ‘Sistas.’ She has also starred in ‘NCIS,’ ‘Sleeping with My Student,’ ‘Holiday Hideaway,’ ‘The First Noelle,’ and ‘The Mels.’ Terrell Carter puts on the garb of Xavier Johnson. Born and raised in Buffalo, Terrel is an actor-singer-songwriter who has garnered renown for his performance as Warren Hall in ‘Empire’ and as Kevin Campbell in ‘Shooter.’ He can also be seen in ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman,’ ‘Think Like a Man Too,’ ‘A House Divided,’ and ‘Lace.’

Kimberly Daugherty takes up the role of Sofia Aquino. The actress is a co-producer for the movie and is also married to its director, Brant Daugherty. You may have seen her in ‘The Nature of Romance,’ ‘A Christmas Movie Christmas,’ and ‘Claws.’ Christopher Bencomo enacts Michael Miller in the film. Born to Cuban immigrant parents, Michael began his acting journey through theatre productions. He is known for his voice work and can be seen appearing in ‘Bookie,’ ‘The Rookie,’ and ‘Found.’ Other cast members include Malcolm Goodwin as Detective Joe Hall, Krys Marshall as Cheyenne, Judy Kain as Nancy, Megan Davis as Dex, Karlee Eldridge as Mackenzie, and Mike Capozzi as Father. Rosie Okumura lends her voice to House, while Robert Bailey Jr. and Brant Daugherty star as cops.

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