Anchovy From Love Village: Here’s All We Know About Him

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is a captivating Japanese dating show meant for singles over the age of 35. The participants enter the series in hopes of finding their life partner with whom they can share their joys and woes. Having not had much luck in their love life before entering the experiment, they try their level best to make use of the opportunity. Season 1 of the show certainly featured some determined individuals like Anchovy, who kept his eyes and ears always open in order to ensure that he did not miss his chance with a potential partner. For those curious about the reality TV star, here is everything that we know about him!

Anchovy’s Japanese Heritage

Anchovy entered the Netflix show at the age of 46 and was ever eager to find his love match. The Netflix star was born in the city of Tokyo, the capital of Japan. While on the show, he shared that he had stopped his formal education after high school though it certainly did not stop him from gaining culinary skills. Due to his willingness to help and be frank with others, Anchovy did become quite popular among his fellow housemates. However, the show also allows us to see that Anchovy might not be the best when it comes to reading people, given some of the assumptions he made while in the experiment.

Anchovy’s Professional Career

The secret behind Anchovy’s mouthwatering dishes is well rooted in his choice of profession. As it turns out, the reality TV star is a Chef specializing in Italian cuisine. In fact, he is the owner of a restaurant in Setagaya, Japan, that undoubtedly serves some delicious food. However, he confessed that his profession does not make him an ideal choice for a life partner as he works long hours and hates cooking on the weekends as it simply feels like he is back at work. Indeed, he did not outright share with his fellow housemates what he did for a living while on the show. That being said, he never shied away from looking some delicious meals for everyone.

Anchovy’s Dating Life

As of writing, it does not seem like Anchovy is dating anyone. Before he came on the show, his only long-term relationship had been with a woman whom he stayed with for about a decade. However, after that particular breakup, he remained single and lived in a house on his own. Needless to say, he had high hopes of finding love while on the show, a wish he was always happy to talk about with others.

In the initial episodes of the Netflix experiment, he felt that Yukiemon and Totchan’s friendly interactions might be a sign that both of them were interested in him and led him to make some assumptions that surprised hosts Atsushi Tamura and Becky. However, during this time, Yukiemon was actually pursuing a connection with Hollywood while Totchan was trying to create something between herself and Tabo. Nevertheless, it is never too late for love, and we only wish the reality TV star the best for his future.

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