Ágata and Renanl: Is the Love is Blind Brazil Couple Still Dating?

Presented by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind: Brazil,’ AKA ‘Casamento às Cegas: Brasil,’ is part of the beloved ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise. The participants of this Brazilian dating show get an opportunity to find their life partner without ever seeing them. The unique concept of this reality series has certainly kept the viewers entertained for a long time. One promising couple from the show’s third season, which has become pretty popular, is Ágata Moura and Renan Justino. Given the nature of their time together, fans of the show are curious if the couple is still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Ágata and Renan’s Love is Blind: Brazil Journey

The connection between Ágata and Renan became evident in their first meeting as they bonded over shared interests like Voodoo. The couple’s back and forth often allowed them to foster a deep connection, and they quickly shot to the top of each other’s lists. However, the presence of so many potential candidates can often lead to unexpected situations. After all, the date between Renan and Ana Carolina Araujo was also quite riveting, with the latter setting her sight on the former.

When Ana learned about Ágata’s interest in Renan, she was quick to share her own interest in him. She also stated that Renan had told her that she was at the top of his list. This particular statement upset Ágata, who thought she was his first choice. However, Ana confessed in a confessional that she was unsure if Renan had actually said such a thing. This particular confusion was quickly put to rest by Renan, who reassured Ágata on the following date his interest in her was undoubtedly the highest.

As time went on, Ágata and Renan started falling more and more in love and could not wait to see each other. It was not long before Renan went on his knee and popped the ultimate question, much to Ágata’s joy, who happily accepted. The two soon met each other for the first time and could not help but comment appreciatively about each other’s appearances.

After this, the pair went to Papi Beach in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, to celebrate their engagement. However, the fact that Renan had recently come out of a relationship and there was a possibility that the couple might run into one of his exes in real life, given their shared circles, remained a heavy concern for Ágata almost throughout the trip. This concern only increased when the two returned to the real world, and Ágata quickly started to check if there were any possible overall between their immediate social circles.

The family and friends meeting between Ágata and Renan went relatively smoothly, with all of their loved ones voicing their support for them, though Ágata would often get concerned about Renan’s past. It did not help that when she visited his home, Ágata saw an organization board in his room where someone had written “I love you” in the past, and the sign was still up. However, she was able to leave that incident behind. What did continue to bother Ágata was Renan not opening up to her entirely.

Renan confessed that he had been in abusive relationships in the past and had a hard time opening up to others. Hence he asked Ágata for some patience and time. However, with them set to potentially tying the knot in the next few days, she was unsure about Renan’s continued refusal to be completely open. The fact that Ana Carolina Araujo has started to follow Renan on social media also bugged Ágata to the extreme.

Ágata and Renan Are Likely Still Together

Ágata and Renan indeed decided to get married, much to the joy of their fans. The couple certainly had to overcome many obstacles, but their evident affection for each other kept them on the same path. As of writing, the two don’t follow each other on Instagram, but their positivity surrounding the show lends well to the possibility of the continuity of the relationship, making us hopeful that their marriage is still intact.

Presently based in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, Renan works as a Physiotherapist. Meanwhile, Ágata also lives in the state of São Paulo, specifically in the eponymous city, and had been working with Contact2sale as a Digital Marketing Analyst until April 2022.

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