Aida and Torres: Is the Deep Fake Love Duo Still Involved Romantically?

Netflix’s ‘Deep Fake Love,’ AKA ‘Falso Amor,’ is a Spanish reality show with a concept so unique that you cannot help but be intrigued. Using Deep Fake technology, among other things, the trust of the participating couples is tested to the extreme. That being said, there are also some connections that are formed within the show, like that of Aida Vila and Torres. Given their on-screen story, with its various twists and turns, fans are curious whether the two are still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Aida and Torres’ Deep Fake Love Journey

As it turns out, Aida actually entered the show with her boyfriend, Manuel Delgado. The two had been in a relationship for about a year and a half with plans of getting married soon. However, they decided to take the ultimate test to check their relationship’s strength and ensure their trust was not misplaced. They were separated soon after entering the show, and Aida had to stay in the Mars villa.

Despite her fears about what the show might lead her relationship to, Aida was far from blind when it came to the various eligible men with whom she was going to spend her time. In particular, she was interested in Torres but knew that pursuing her attraction might end her existing relationship. Hence, she strived to maintain a platonic bond with him but would get highly jealous anytime Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla tried to connect with Torres in any way.

Plagued by her confusing feelings, it was not long before Aida’s birthday arrived, and Torres was excited to celebrate it with her. During the night of the joyous day, he gave her a soft toy and confessed how his feelings for her were growing. Torres then ended up stealing a kiss from her, which upset Aida as she was afraid of what this might do to her relationship with Manuel, who had apparently claimed that if she kissed one person, he would kiss four.

Hence, Aida decided to distance herself from Torres, making this an ideal opportunity for Gabriela to try and connect with him. However, that made her extremely angry, though she claimed that it was because he had expressed an interest in her but then was trying to connect with Gabriela. Aida soon felt like her anger might have something to do with the fact that she liked Torres more than she had thought. Hence, the two had a conversation, with her initiating a kiss this time. From that point onward, the two remained in each other’s company as much as possible, with her enjoying her newfound relationship.

Aida and Torres Prefer to Keep Their Romantic Life Under Wraps

As of writing, Aida and Torres have not shared any updates regarding their romantic life. It does seem like the former’s relationship with Manuel may have come to an end, given the various upsets that they had to face in the show. Additionally, both Aida and Torres are absent from each other’s Instagram feed and the following list, making fans even more certain that they may have separated for good.

That said, there does not seem to be any positive indication that may suggest that Aida and Torres may actually be dating as of writing. The latter, in particular, seems inclined to keep his personal details private on the internet. Nevertheless, we are sure that their fans are rooting for them no matter their status as a couple. We, too, wish them the best in their lives and hope that all their dreams soon come true.

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