Are Angus, Kabir and Eva Dead in The Ark?

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science fiction drama series that follows Angus, Kabir, and Eva, who are a part of the crew of Ark One, a deep space exploration spaceship on a mission to inhabit Proxima B, a distant planet capable of supporting human life. On its quest, the crew of Ark One faces several challenges and must deal with one crisis after another. As a result, the crew constantly faces dangerous and sometimes near-death situations. In the first season finale, the fates of Angus, Kabir, and Eva are left unexplained following space debris colliding with the ship. Thus, viewers must be wondering whether Angus, Kabir, and Eva are dead or alive in ‘The Ark.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Angus, Kabir, and Eva?

In ‘The Ark,’ Angus Medford is a farming and horticulture expert on Ark One who builds a bio farm in the ship’s storage unit. Dr. Sanjivni Kabir is the only remaining medical staff member, and Eva Markovic is the senior surviving member of the engineering team. After a mysterious unidentified object strikes Ark One during their journey to Proxima B, Angus, Kabir, and Eva are forced to awaken from their cryosleep along with others. In the first season, Angus starts dating Kelly, a mysterious woman working on orders of Ark Fifteen’s commander. Meanwhile, Eva loses her fiancé but later falls in love with Lt. James Brice. Kabir works to find a cure for Klampkins, a fatal disease caused by the earth’s deteriorating atmosphere.

The season finale, titled ‘Everybody Wins,’ sees Garnet rescuing Angus from Ark Fifteen and returning him to Ark One. Meanwhile, Kabir succeeds in formulating a cure for Klampkins and saves Brice’s life. However, she is also forced to give the cure to Evelyn Maddox, the commander of Ark FIfteen and Kelly’s mother. In the episode, Garnet exchanges access to Willaim Trust’s planetary rotation device with Evelyn for Lt. Spencer Lane’s life. However, the planet’s rotation causes the methane on its dark side to combust, leading to Proxima B’s destruction. Ark One tries to retreat as the planet explodes but is struck by the incoming debris. Angus, Kabir, and Eva remain unaccounted for in the ensuing chaos, leaving their fates unknown.

Do Angus, Kabir, and Eva Die?

The final moments of the season 1 finale heavily imply that Angus, Kabir, and Eva are dead. There is no response when Alicia, Brice, and Lane try to contact the trio through the comms. However, Evelyn contacted Garnet, implying that the comms system is not down. Instead, the trio is unresponsive, and there is complete radio silence from their end. Since Angus, Kabir, and Eva are unable to inform the bridge about their safety, they can be presumed dead. However, since we are yet to see their dead bodies, there are still chances of the trio surviving. The chances of Angus, Kabir, and Eva surviving will depend upon which part of Ark One was affected by the debris and whether it left any chance for the group to escape.

The last time we see Kabir, she agrees to perform brain surgery on Kelly aboard Ark Fifteen. Therefore, she is likely preparing for the surgery in the med bay. Meanwhile, Angus is last seen in the bio farm with Alicia before the latter is summoned to the bridge. On the other hand, Eva is in the engine room moments before the debris hits the ship. From the looks of it, Ark One is still functioning properly, implying the engine room was relatively less damaged. Hence, Eva has a good chance of surviving. However, the same cannot be said for Angus and Kabir. At the same time, other members of the ship’s crew, such as Cat and Jelena, are also unaccounted for.

The season ends with a compelling cliffhanger by raising a question mark over the lives of important characters such as Angus, Eva, and Kabir. However, the death scare surrounding the trio might be a red herring, and less important characters might perish instead. Furthermore, killing off Angus, Kabir, and Eva would lead to an anticlimactic ending for several ongoing plot threads in the show. Having said that, one among Angus, Kabir, and Eva might be revealed to be dead in the show’s second season premiere, further highlighting the high stakes of Ark One’s mission and their perilous time in outer space.

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