The Ark Episode 9 Recap: The Painful Way

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science fiction series that follows the crew of Ark One, a deep space exploration ship sent to colonize a distant planet. However, the ship’s crew faces one crisis after another while trying to solve several mysteries. The penultimate episode of the show’s debut season continues this trend with Garnet and her supporters having to deal with a mutiny sparked by the presence of William Trust. Amidst shifting allegiances and uncertain futures, Garnet tries her best to keep the ship’s command. If you are wondering whether Garnet fails to curb the mutiny or is forced to relinquish control, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Ark’ episode 9! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 9 Recap

The ninth episode, titled ‘The Painful Way,’ opens with William Trust fixing the issues with the Faster Than Light travel device. Trust informs Lt. Sharon Garnet and Lt. James Brice about the modifications. However, Brice is unwilling to believe in Trust and asks Eva to verify the FTL device before attempting another jump. Meanwhile, Alicia arrives on the bridge and reveals she knows the location of Ark Fifteen, the hostile ship that attacked Ark One and Ark Three. Based on the places where Ark Fifteen attacked the other two Arks, the ship is heading for Proxima B. Thus, when Ark One arrives at its destination, they are bound to run into Ark Fifteen.

Garnet and Brice meet with the council with the addition of William and Helena Trust to discuss their next move. Trust reveals that he has created a defensive shield to protect Ark One against hostile ships. While Eva believes that Trust’s invention could work, they are unable to convince Garnet that the shields will be totally effective against attacks. Hence, she refuses to rely on the nascent invention and jeopardizes the entire crew’s life. Alicia proposes changing course and heading to Ross 128B. However, the planet is further away, and Ark One does not have the necessary resources to survive until they arrive on Ross 128B.

The Trusts storm out, locking everyone out of the ship’s system after Garnet turns down the shield idea. Elsewhere, Kelley flirts with Angus while helping him at the farm. Meanwhile, Brice and Eva discuss the former’s Klampkins and finding a potential cure for the deadly disease. However, Brice does not want to get his hopes high, and he and Eva decide to be just friends. Meanwhile, Trust tries to convince Garnet about the shield, but she remains adamant. Alicia revokes Trust’s access to the ship’s system to stop him from going behind Garnet’s back. Trust badmouths Garnet in front of Lane and Helena while Garnet announces to the crew that the ship will head to Ross 128B.

The story then moves a week ahead, with the FTL working well. Meanwhile, Cat tells the ship’s crew about Garnet’s refusal to use Trust’s shield and take the shorter route to Proxima B. As a result, there is discourse among the ship’s crew members. On the other hand, Trust tries to convince Eva to see the merits of using his shield instead of expending the ship’s resources for several more years of space travel. Eva appears convinced by Trust’s arguments. Some of the ship’s ensigns resort to mutiny and attack Garnet and Brice, injuring Garnet in the process.

Elsewhere, Lane checks upon Brice before revealing his allegiance to Trust. In the cafeteria, Jelena poisons Felix on Helena’s orders. On the ship, Brice and Garnet are similarly poisoned and knocked unconscious. With Garnet and her supporters out of the way, Lane completes the mutiny by taking over the ship’s command. After reinstating himself as a Lieutenant, Lane sets course for Proxima B. Meanwhile, Felix, Garnet, and Brice wake up, locked inside a storage room, and realize they have been betrayed. Brice reveals he has Klampkins while Garnet comforts him.

The Ark Episode 9 Ending: Who Is Kelly Working For?

In the episode’s finale act, the mutiny is full swing as Lane tries to change the ship’s course. However, Alicia secretly intervenes and locks everyone out of the system, stopping them from changing course. Helena learns about the situation and wants to make an example out of the culprit. She reduces the oxygen level in the storage room, choking Garnet, Brice, and Felix. As a result, Alicia is forced to reveal herself and undo the lockout.

Nonetheless, Jelena has a change of heart and frees Garnet, Brice, and Felix from the storage room. As a result, the trio storms the bridge and reclaims control of the ship. Lane is knocked out, and the Trusts are imprisoned. However, amidst all the chaos on the ship, Kelly, the Ark Three survivor, continues to make calculated moves. She has a crew member repair the comms watch connected to Ark Fifteen. On the other hand, she tries to convince Angus to see Trust’s way and change allegiances. Hence, it seems like Kelly is working with the Trusts.

In the final moments, Ark Fifteen appears before Ark One and prepares to attack the ship. Eva tries to activate Trust’s shield but fails. Meanwhile, Kelly holds the Trusts at gunpoint and contacts Ark Fifteen revealing she has William Trust in her custody. Thus, the episode ends with the confirmation that Kelly is an Ark Fifteen crew member and works for the ship’s commander. However, the identity of Ark Fifteen’s crew remains a mystery for now. Nontheless, the episode ends on a chilling note as the relatively weak Ark One must face off against the mighty Ark Fifteen, setting up an enthralling season finale.

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