The Ark Episode 8 Recap: Every Single Person Matters

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ continues to present a delightful matchup of science fiction with intriguing mysteries in its eighth episode. Despite being deep into its first season, the narrative conceals several facets of the main characters that create engrossing conflicts for the viewers. In the eighth episode, titled ‘Every Single Person Matters,’ lane deals with the aftermath of waking up William Trust and his wife from their cryosleep. As we slowly learn about the Trusts and their true motivations, Garnet and Lane lose faith in each other. As a result, viewers must wonder if Lane and Garnet are heading for a showdown. In that case, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Ark’ episode 8! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘Every Single Person Matters,’ opens with Lt. Spencer Lane helping William Trust, the creator of the Arks, deal with his new surroundings. However, Trust’s wife, Helena, is unsure about Lane and does not trust him. Her suspicions about Lane lead her to hit him in the head, knocking Lane unconscious. Elsewhere, Lt. James Brice and Eva Markovic discuss the nature of their relationship after sleeping together. Both agree on having a casual friends-with-benefits relationship for the time being.

Later, Lt. Sharon Garnet summons Brice and Eva to the bridge. However, she is unable to contact Lane and worries about his whereabouts. Alicia reveals the footage she found from Ark Three’s cameras. The group is shocked to see Ark Fifteen, which was technically supposed to be years behind in production, attacking Ark Three. Although the council comprising Garnet, Brice, Eva, Felix, and Dr. Kabir discuss their theories briefly, there is no telling what is up with Ark Fifteen becoming hostile.

Elsewhere, Alicia finds Angus tending to his plants on the makeshift farm. She seeks Angus’ help in finding out more about Ark Fifteen. However, Kelly, the Ark Three survivor, intervenes and flirts with Angus. She convinces Angus to join her for a funeral service for those who died on Ark Three. Angus denies helping Alicia in favor of spending time with Kelly. A flashback reveals William Trust was ousted from his own company by Evelyn Maddox. As a result, Helena sedated Trust and smuggled herself and her husband on board Ark One.

On Ark One, a search team comprising Felix, Alicia, Brice, and Jelena is looking for Lane. However, they split up to cover more ground. In the med bay, Dr. Kabir conducts an autopsy on Kelly’s friend, who died while Kabir operated on him. Kabir laments being unable to save the man’s life, while Angus remarks about using the dead body for compost enrage Kelly. Meanwhile, Lane regains consciousness and speaks with Trust and Helena. He reveals most of the ship’s commanding officers are dead, and Garnet is now the de facto leader.

Elsewhere, Eva and Alciai work on repurposing Ark Three’s Faster Than Light travel engine for Ark One. During the assignment, Alicia reveals studying the logs of Ark Three and finding the cures for several rare diseases. Meanwhile, Kabir visits Cat’s cabin for a therapy session and discusses her substance abuse. In the secret passage, Lane asks William about the animal DNA samples on the ship. However, their conversation is interrupted when Felix arrives in search of Lane. Helena recognizes Felix and addresses him by his first name as Felix escorts the trio to the bridge.

Felix introduces the Trusts to Garnet, but Brice fires at Willaim for causing Klampkins. Garnet orders Brice to leave the bridge while Helena asks Garnet to appoint Felix as the personal bodyguard for her and William. In a flashback, we learn that Felix was a bodyguard for the trusts before boarding Ark One and almost died while saving William. In the cafeteria, Alicia and Kelly fight for Angus’ attention. On the bridge, Garnet questions Lane about his connections to the Trusts. She removes his rank as Lieutenant when he fails to provide a satisfactory answer about concealing their presence.

William struggles to fit in with the ship’s crew, as everyone hates him. However, Helena advises William to make himself helpful. As a result, William learns about Eva and Alicia retrofitting the FTL engine onto Ark One’s main engine. However, William advises against performing an FTL jump. Nonetheless, Garnet gives the clearance for Eva and Alicia to test out the engine. The FTL jump immediately affects the ship’s crew, forcing them to experience moments from a few minutes ago. As a result, William helps Alicia and Eva to remove the FTL device from the main engine.

The Ark Episode 8 Ending: Will Lane Turn on Garnet?

In the episode’s final moments, the FTl device is removed from the main engine, resulting in things getting back to normal. The crew stops seeing multiple versions of themselves and returns to their tasks. Meanwhile, William visits Cat in her quarters. It is revealed that Willaim and Cat were having an affair on earth. William and Cat hook up, after which Cat pledges her allegiance to Willaim and the mysterious “Juno Project.” However, the major cliffhanger moment comes after Willaim leaves the quarters and runs into Lane. The former Lieutenant has tethered to the boundary of being an anti-hero and a capable sidekick for Garnet.

In the episode’s final moments, Lane seems to have switched sides and appears completely dedicated to Willaim’s cause. However, Lane’s final words imply that he is no longer willing to play second fiddle to Garnet. While the show conjures several intriguing mysteries, it suffers from the lack of a focal antagonist. As a result, Lane’s potential heel turn could fill the void of the villain. The episode ends with Lane becoming unhinged in his pursuit of control over the ship. As a result, a showdown between Lane and Garnet seems inevitable. Therefore, it will be interesting to see how Garnet will deal with Lane causing a potential mutiny.

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