The Ark Episode 7 Recap: A Slow Death Is Worse

Syfy’s ‘The Ark’ is a science fiction drama series created by Dean Devlin and Jonathan Glassner. It follows the crew of Ark One as they face an endless pit of crisis situations while desperately trying to survive in the vast expanse of outer space. However, the seventh episode, titled ‘A Slow Death Is Worse,’ sees the central mysteries of the show taking the front stage as the Ark One crew encounters another Ark that could bolster the chances of their survival or lead them to their imminent demise. If you are wondering how Lt. Sharon Garnet and her crew deal with the latest twists in their mission to colonize a distant planet, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Ark’ episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘A Slow Death Is Worse,’ opens with Lt. Sharon Garnet contacting the other Ark that Lt. James Brice and Eva discovered. Ark Three is floating in space without any contact with its crew. As a result, Brice volunteers to inspect the vessel closely but is reprimanded by Eva. Moreover, Garnet recalls Brice and Eva so they can formulate a plan of action before engaging with the mysterious spaceship. Garnet permits Brice and Lt. Spencer Lane to form a team that will travel to Ark Three on a search mission. Before leaving, Lane thanks Garnet for risking her life to save the crew.

Meanwhile, Brice makes preparations for taking another trip with the shuttle. However, Eva is unhappy with Brice’s hero act and scolds him for acting rashly. On the bridge, Alicia and Garnet work together to find details of Ark Three’s crew when they are interrupted by Cat’s presence. Cat explains that her best friend is supposed to be on Ark Three, and she fears for her friend’s safety. Angus runs into Cat and wants to gift Garnet an aloe plant. However, Cat realizes Angus has a crush on Garnet and pursues him to drop his interest in the ship’s captain.

Brice’s crew arrives on Ark Three only to discover a horde of dead bodies in the bay area. The group is shocked by the sight of dead bodies but quickly disperses to fulfill their respective duties. Eva and Brice search the sleeper bay only to find the ship with cryo pods. Sasha, the search party member, wanders into the captain’s corner, where he falls into a boobytrap. Although Sasha nearly dies, Brice’s timely intervention saves his life. Meanwhile, Felix scans the dead bodies and sends the data to Garnet and Alicia. However, Garnet quickly realizes these people were not supposed to be on Ark Three.

While surveying the bodies, Felix finds his husband, Robert, among the dead. However, he accepts Robert’s death and worries about his daughter’s fate. Elsewhere, Lane encounters Kelly Fowler, a lone survivor who is trying to pick a lock. After a brief chase, Lane finds Kelly and learns she is warring with a group of hostile crew members who showed up on Ark Three. Lane and Kelly team up to find the latter’s friend, Ross. However, Ross is injured and transported to Ark One for treatment. Despite her best efforts, Dr. Kabir fails to save Ross.

Kelly is also brought aboard Ark One, where she is introduced to the council. Kelly explains that Evelyn Maddox, a billionaire businesswoman purchased Willaim Trust’s company. She created Faster Than Light travel engines and redirected Ark Three to Proxima B since it had the most chance of providing humanity with a new home. However, Kelly also reveals earth has become inhabitable, and twelve Arks were supposed to leave the planet before its complete destruction.

Kelly also explains that the FTL engines are unstable, resulting in the death of Ark Two’s crew. Garnet encourages Kelly to mingle with Ark One’s crew while she plans a supply run on Ark Three. Kelly volunteers to join Felix in gathering weapons from the ship. Kelly reveals she was friends with Robert, but no children were on Ark Three. She learned from Robert that Felix’s daughter died on earth in a protest before Robert was drafted to Ark Three. While collecting the weapons, Kelly quietly pockets a gun, hinting she might not have noble intentions. Meanwhile, Brice and Eva survey the engine room and try to analyze the FTL device.

The Ark Episode 7 Ending: How Did Lane Get the Codes?

Most of the episode focuses on the Ark One crew dealing with the mysterious deaths on Ark Three. Kelly reveals that the ship was attacked by Ark Fifteen. However, her revelation raises more questions than it provides answers. Meanwhile, Felix deals with losing his family, and Kabir struggles with her drug addiction. However, the crew does not find themselves in a crisis situation like most of the previous episodes. That changes in the episode’s final act, as Eva and Brice survey Ark Three’s engine room.

Eva wants to examine the FTL device, but it is the galaxy’s most valuable piece of tech. As a result, trying to meddle with it causes a self-destruct sequence to intimate that jeopardizes Eva and Brice’s life. The self-destruct sequence can only be stopped using a set of override codes that the Ark One crew does not possess. Hence, Brice and Eva resign to their fate and embrace each prepared to face their deaths. However, Lane obtains the codes at the last minute, and Brice and Eva’s life is saved.

Lane is not present on the bridge making Garnet suspicious. As Garnet enquires about Lane’s location, we see him in the secret cabin as he has woken up Willaim Trust. Lane woke up Trsut from his cryosleep for the codes since the Ark’s creator will likely have access to override codes. Lane’s plan works, but it also threatens to expose his secret to Garnet and others. Thus, the episode ends on a compelling note, leaving Lane to come clean or continue hiding his secret.

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