The Ark Season 1 Finale Recap: What Happens to Proxima B?

In the season finale of Syfy’s ‘The Ark,’ the crew of Ark One, a deep space exploration vessel, reaches the final stage of their mission to travel to the distant Proxima B, hoping to make it humanity’s new home. However, the ship is forced to contend with several crisis situations, including the hostile Ark Fifteen’s attack and a mutiny. In the season finale, Lt. Sharon Garnet tries to broker peace with Evelyn Maddox as the two commanders compete to control Proxima B. However, unexpected developments force the two to work together while humanity’s fate is left in peril. However, the ending leaves the fates of certain characters up in the air. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Ark Season 1 Episode 12 Recap

The season 1 finale, titled ‘Everybody Wins,’ opens with Lt. Sharon Garnet, Angus Medford, and William Trust returning safely to Ark One. However, the group’s joy is short-lived as Felix updates Garnet about Brice’s condition. On Ark Fifteen, Lane is captured by Evelyn Maddox’s guards. However, he quickly subdues them and makes a run for his life. Brice wakes up and finds Eva next to him. Dr. Kabir and Alicia inform Brice that their cure did not work despite their best efforts. Meanwhile, Lane contacts Garnet and Felix, and the duo prepares to rescue him from Ark Fifteen.

Lane advises Garnet to flee away from Ark Fiftee using Faster Than Light Travel. However, Garnet argues that Evelyn will follow them. Lane agrees to destroy Ark Fifteen’s FTL travel device so that Evelyn cannot follow Ark One. Elsewhere, Kabir and Alicia realize that the spider venom is becoming powder after exposure to Helium in the ship’s atmosphere. Therefore, they inject the other components of the cure into Brice and let the spiders bite him directly. Lane destroys Ark Fifteen FTL travel device but gets captured in the process.

The second dose of cure works and Brice is cured of Klampkins, albeit with his other organs suffering some damage. Nonetheless, he celebrates the victory with the test of the team. Garnet holds a council meeting to determine their next move. The council agrees to trade the Klampkins cure and access to Trust’s planetary rotation device in exchange for Lane. Garnet offers the two things to Evelyn but also wants the latter to share Proxima B and its resources. Evelyn reluctantly agrees to the terms and prepares to board Ark One.

Kelly sneaks onboard Ark One under the guise of supporting her mother. However, when Evelyn takes the cure, Kelly sneaks away and finds Angus. She attacks Angus and tries to strangle him for betraying her. However, Alicia hits Kelly in the head with a shovel, leaving Kelly brain-damaged. Meanwhile, Evelyn is cured of Klampkins and learns about Kelly’s escape from Felix. Evelyn finds her daughter injured, and Angus covers for Alicia. Evelyn moves Kelly to Ark Fiften and wants Kabir to perform brain surgery to save her daughter’s life.

Elsewhere, Cat is released from house arrest and meets Trust. However, everyone on the ship distrusts Cat. Evelyn leaves for Ark Fifteen and agrees to uphold her end of the deal. However, she warns Garnet they will never be friends before she leaves. Meanwhile, Alicia is puzzled by the water on Proxima B’s dark side as it is not frozen despite ecological conditions suggesting it should be. Later, Alicia and Angus discuss their first kisses, and Alicia hints she is romantically interested in Angus. However, Angus brushes Alicia aside to learn more about the issue on Proxima B.

Brice and Eva go on a date while Lane is reinstated as Lieutenant. Trust demonstrates the use of the planetary rotation device, which is powered by two magnets that cause the planet to rotate on its axis until its inertia takes over and keeps it spinning. However, Trust only activated one side of the device, causing Ark Fifteen to get dragged into the planet’s gravitational force. Garnet moves Ark One to the other side of the planet to balance the action, allowing Ark Fifteen to escape the gravitational pull. While both ships make it to safety, Alicia notes another impending issue with Proxima B.

The Ark Season 1 Ending: What Happens to Proxima B?

In the episode’s final act, Ark One saves Ark Fifteen from certain doom, forcing Evelyn to uphold her end of the bargain. After both ships are safe, Alicia activates the planetary rotation device. The entire group watches Proxima B as it starts rotation on its axis and marvels at the achievement. Alicia notices the surface of Proxima B is erupting into flames. Initially, Alicia is surprised by the development but quickly realizes that the water on the planet’s dark side is not water but liquid methane. Thus, Proxima B quickly starts heating up and turns into the planetary equivalent of a bomb. With the planet about to explode, Ark One is forced to retreat.

In the end, Proxima B explodes, and the debris from the planet strikes Ark One’s bridge. Thus, Proxima B, the last hope of humanity’s survival, is destroyed, and Ark One and Ark Fifteen are forced to find a new home. Meanwhile, the debris damages Ark One, and the ship’s comms system is destroyed. Garnet, Alicia, Brice, Lane, and Felix are left on the bridge, while Eva, Angus, and Kabir are unaccounted for. The group is unable to contact the trio, leaving their fates unknown. The final moments show Evelyn contacting Garnet and extending help to Ark One, especially since the ship helped Ark Fifteen survive.

Garnet and crew stare into the vast expanse of outer space as help arrives. The finale ends grimly as chances of humanity’s survival seem dim after Proxima B’s demise. The ending also hints at Evelyn and Garnet forming a more lasting truce, especially since Garent’s crew has saved Evelyn’s life countless times. The group cured Evelyn of Klampkins and also stopped Ark Fifteen from collapsing into Proxima B’s gravitational pull. Hence, it is likely that Evelyn will help Garnet’s crew recover after the debris destroys their ship. However, Evelyn and Garnet will have to quickly determine a new destination – a planet that can support human life to ensure humanity’s survival.

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