Anna and Onyi: Is Too Hot to Handle Germany Duo Still Friends?

Given the number of people that feature in shows like Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle: Germany,’ the bonds between some of the cast members are truly entertaining to follow. This German reality show is beloved by the public due to its intriguing premise, gorgeous participants, and steamy scenes. It is also not unknown for some of the cast members to forge bonds of friendships. However, such connections are often tested during the events that take place in the dating show, especially when two people are interested in the same person. Such was the case for Anna Strigl and Onyi Alaike from the first season of the show. Naturally, people are curious if the two women are still friends.

Anna and Onyi’s Too Hot to Handle: Germany Journey

The gorgeous duo of Anna and Onyi entered the Netflix show with each other and were quick to capture the attention of the participating men. However, while Anna started to form a connection with Fabio Falconieri, Onyi did not seem to find a similar bond with someone else. However, the participating women did end up becoming friends with each other. After the entry of Oliver Nunez, Onyi did think that she might find a romantic connection, though that possibility soon fell through.

With Onyi’s bad luck in the romantic department and Anna’s less-than-ideal attempt with Fabio, the women were eager to explore the connection that might form between them and the new entries in the house. However, the fact they both soon found themselves interested in Partick “Paddy” became a tricky situation. However, after a frank and long conversation, Paddy and Anna quickly bonded and ended up sharing a bed. The development saddened Onyi, who had thought that she might have a shot with Paddy.

According to Onyi, she was under the impression that Anna was still trying to move on from her time with Fabio. Hence, she was a bit surprised that she had formed such a close connection with the new cast member so quickly. Laura Muro was also disappointed about the situation as she was rooting for Onyi. In the end, the two women decided to have a talk with Anna, where Onyi explained that while she would like to pursue things with Paddy, she wanted to be upfront about the situation and not make any sneaky moves.

At this point, Anna and Paddy had already shared a kiss, which the former did not tell Onyi and Laura about, feeling a bit overwhelmed by the topic of the conversation. Shortly afterward, Onyi did try to approach Paddy but quickly realized that he was more interested in continuing to pursue things with Anna. Yet, the relationship between the duo also came to an end before the end of the show.

Anna and Onyi Are Likely Still Friends

It does look like Anna and Onyi are still friends despite what happened on the Netflix original. Both TV stars follow each other on Instagram and clearly interact in the comment section. During the conversation that they had regarding their common interest in Paddy, the two women emphasized they valued one another’s friendship over any man. So as of writing, they seem to have stuck to this statement.

While Anna and Onyi’s friendship with each other seems strong, it is easy to see that both women have formed a much deeper connection with someone else from the show. Anna herself has often been in the company of Stella Stegmann, while Onyi’s bond with Laura seems to have only gotten stronger. It is good to see that the friendship that the women formed on the show has survived in real life, and we wish them the very best for their future.

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