Are Brooke and Jesse From Down for Love Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Down for Love‘ is a dating reality show set in New Zealand that provides viewers with a unique insight into the lives of people with Down Syndrome. The series primarily revolves around the love lives of various individuals as they try to find their perfect romantic match. However, we also get to meet people like Brooke and Jesse, who are already very much in love and looking forward to everything their future holds. If you are wondering whether the two are still together, join us in exploring the same!

Brooke and Jesse’s Journey Together

When Brooke and Jesse first met, the former was 14, while the latter was 11. Their meeting at the StarJam paved the path for a beautiful friendship that soon blossomed into something more. This particular relationship certainly relieved Andrea, Jesse’s mother, who had been afraid of what her son’s love life might hold during his younger years. Her worries were undoubtedly put to rest as his proposal to Brooke over a decade ago makes it evident that the two care deeply for each other.

Brooke and Jesse appeared in ‘Down for Love’ when the former was 27, and the latter was 25 and shared how much they loved each other. The evident affection for one another certainly helped them earn many admirers who have only continued to wish that their relationship remains strong. During the show’s production, they shared their plans to move out of their parents’ homes and live together in a place of their own.

Given how long they have known each other, the bond between Brooke and Andrea has also strengthened over time, and Jesse’s mother seems to know much about her son’s partner. During their time on the show, Brooke, Jesse, and Andrea were approached by Josh Bradley and his mother, Nicola, who had specific questions about the world of dating, which he had only recently entered.

Are Brooke and Jesse Still Together?

As of writing, Brooke and Jesse are not very active on social media. Given their obvious affection for each other and the long time since they have been together, we hope they are still dating. The couple has already communicated their wishes regarding marriage, though it did seem like Brooke may not be entirely on board with Jesse’s refusal to have kids.

That said, we are optimistic that Brooke and Jesse will overcome any obstacles that come their way and rely on the strength of their bond, which has only grown stronger over their relationship. Even after so many years, the former was quite open during her time on the show about how attractive she found her partner. In turn, Jesse was full of compliments regarding Brooke’s smile and singing talents. We wish the lovely pair the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future.

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