Culver and Jaimee: Is the Below Deck Down Under Couple Still in Love?

Setting the contrast between the reverent oceanic blues and the irreverent explosive dynamics of the crew, ‘Below Deck Down Under’ chronicles the journey of a group of individuals as they charter guests on a yacht in Northeastern Australia. Released in 2022, the reality television show features the drama and chaos aboard a superyacht.

A spin-off of ‘Below Deck,’ the show features the interpersonal issues that lead to heartbreak and mayhem. Over the years, the franchise has also given way to several romances. For instance, Jaimee Neale and Culver Bradbury are two individuals whose dynamics have intrigued viewers. So, if you’re also wondering about their relationship status, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Jaimee and Culver’s Below Deck Journey

Despite the eventual romance that gravitated Jaimee and Culver towards one another, things between the duo didn’t come to fruition quite easily. Initially, Deckhand and CEO Culver Bradbury found himself enamored by Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph. The two shared flirtatious exchanges and indirectly claimed each other on the show. Not just this, Culver also introduced Tzarina to his mom through Facetime, leading people to hope that the two would see things through. However, all of that changed when Jamiee Neale laid her eyes on him. After trotting onto the yacht to replace Stewardess Laura Bileskalne, she developed an attraction for Culver.

Despite being warned by the Chief Stewardess of a brewing romance between Culver and Tzarina, Jamiee did not give up. Moreover, when the Chef made a move on Joao, Jaimee felt that she had the go-ahead to pursue the Deckhand on her terms. Both she and Culver quickly developed an attraction for one another. As the closeness between the two escalated, it became apparent that both parties were interested in seeing things through. From sharing remarks about each other’s eating habits to dancing together, Jaimee and Culver showcased their feelings for one another. During an outing to a club, she even asked him about Tzarina’s crush on him.

Surprisingly, Culver answered that he was aware of Tzarina’s feelings but didn’t feel the same for the Chef. Instead, he confessed that Jaimee herself took up his attention and awareness. Besides, even she added that she’d hoped to kiss Culver but was afraid of doing so in front of Tzarina. The tension between the three individuals escalated quickly when Jaimee began kissing him in front of the Chef. The actions of the Stewardess ultimately earned her the ire of Tzarina, who decided to leave the room upon witnessing these actions.

Jaimee and Culver Have yet to Confirm Their Dating Status

Despite a blossoming chemistry that drew Jaimee and Culver together on the show, things outside seem still murky. While the couple’s actions on the show were fueled by mutual attraction, their feelings for one another haven’t received a warm welcome in real life. Not only have fans subjected the couple to criticism, but also questioned their actions. Consequently, Jaimee has taken to her social media and urged viewers to be kind. Nevertheless, the television personality has neither confirmed nor denied that she is in a relationship with Culver.

So, as far as we can tell, Jamiee and Culver still have a few things to work out. Fans and viewers have also speculated that the Stewardess is currently in a relationship with Hayden Faulkner. The duo have been seen on her Instagram feed time and again. Not just this, Jaimee and Hayden have also traveled to locations like New Zealand for snowboarding and hiking. As such, fans have wondered if she has an ongoing blossoming romance outside the television show. That said, Jaimee has yet to confirm her relationship status, leaving these rumors baseless. Similarly, it has been speculated that Culver has reignited a romance with Tzarina.

Interestingly, the castmates appeared on Andie Cohen’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ together. Naturally, their courteousness toward one another and joint appearance has also led fans to discern the pattern of a romantic relationship. Not just this, Culver has even posted an endearing picture of him and Tzarina on Instagram, leaving fans more curious.

While speculations on their relationship status have been abundant, the CEO and Chef have yet to confirm things. So, although Culver and Jaimee found themselves enthralled by each other’s company on the show, several issues impede their path to a happy, permanent relationship. Naturally, we await all the goals that Culver and Jaimee will achieve personally and professionally.

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