Diego and Nata From Written in the Stars: Are They Still a Couple?

Hosted by Ingrid Guimarães, Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ is a Brazilian reality show that is sure to keep you hooked if you are a fan of astrology. The series focuses on people of particular star signs as they try to find their perfect match from a pool of potential suitors. It is through this social experiment that Diego Pedrosa and Natália “Nata” got to know each other and became beloved by the masses.

Diego Pedrosa and Nata’s Written in the Stars Journey

Diego Pedrosa is a bisexual, transgender Gemini man who met Natália “Nata” (Cancer) through the Amazon Prime dating show. As soon as the two met, sparks started to fly as they got to know each other better. Initially, Diego decided not to disclose his star sign to Nata and spent some quality time with her before they went skiing. Following the sports activity, the two sat down to get to know each other better.

After learning that Diego was a Gemini, Nata shared that her father and brother were also Geminis, and while she apparently did clash with them, she did not seem to hold that against Diego. Through a drinking game, Diego and Nata started to get to know each other better and even ended up discussing each other’s thoughts on marriage, along with some other casual tidbits. Eventually, the two shared a passionate kiss, marking a great ending to a memorable day.

Ingrid Guimarães then invited Diego to make his final decision in regards to his choice of partner. The man in question first eliminated Matheus Vinicius and then joined the host and astrologist Papisa for a synastry session. Following this, Marina Certo was eliminated as a potential suitor for Diego as she was the least compatible of his top three picks. It was then revealed to the Gemini man that his compatibility with Nata was at 86%, while he and Bernardo Vaz were 73%compatible. Ultimately, Diego decided to listen to the stars and picked Nata as his top pick.

Diego Pedrosa and Nata May Not Be Together But Are Still on Amicable Terms

Presently, Diego Pedrosa and Natália “Nata” have not shared any updates regarding their relationship. The chemistry between the two that the viewers were able to witness thanks to the Amazon Prime show left many hopeful that they might have continued to date even after the production of the reality series was over. However, if this is indeed true, the reality TV stars have yet to confirm this and have kept any news regarding their love lives private.

That said, both Diego and Nata do follow each other on Instagram. While this is certainly not any sort of proof that they may be romantically involved, it is certainly a good indication that the two might at least be on amicable terms. Given that both parties have also been happily promoting season 1 of the Amazon Prime show, it is likely that they still hold fond memories of the whole experience. We wish Diego and Nata the best in their lives and hope that they continue to climb the ladder of success. a

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