Written in the Stars Season 1: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Hosted by Ingrid Guimarães, ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ is an Amazon Prime Brazilian reality series that you simply cannot miss. Each episode of the dating show focuses on a person of a specific star sign who has to go on dates chosen for them based on astrological compatibility. The recently premiered season 1 of the series has garnered many fans given the various love stories that have blossomed from it, making people wonder just what their favorite cast members are up to these days, and we are here to answer the same!

Letícia Silvério is an Accomplished Influencer Now

We are starting off with none other than the Virgo representative, Letícia Silvério. The woman in question is presently in a very happy relationship with a man named Murilo Fidalgo Orsolini. They have been dating each other since September 2022 and seemingly got engaged in January 2023. Presently, Letícia is pregnant with her first child and is looking forward to becoming a mother. As for her chosen on-screen partner, Eduardo “Duda” Roque, he does not seem to be dating anyone at present.

As for Letícia, the reality TV star is an accomplished influencer with over 20K followers on Instagram and more than 79K fans on TikTok. Affiliated with Ottobock Brasil, she is active in the field of advertising and hails from Goiânia, Brazil. Though Letícia lost one of her legs at an early age due to cancer, she has never let the loss define her as she continues to build a better life for herself, likely with the help of some meticulously detailed spreadsheets.

Leila França is a Senior Scenographer Now

Bucking the traditions of the Amazon Prime series, Leila França’s decision to not choose between two people and instead be in a throuple with Ana Sprot and Jonathan Silva certainly created many waves. Presently, the Leo reality TV star lives in São Paulo, Brazil, and is working as a Senior Scenographer for TV Cultura – Fundação Padre Anchieta, having obtained the position in November 2022. Indeed, the reality TV star is a talented architect, city planner, and set designer who has worked in the entertainment world for a long time.

Leila is also musically gifted and knows how to play violin and cello. Additionally, she is an event planner as well as a filmographer. With such a diverse set of skills, it is no wonder that she is so well-respected. Though Leila has yet to share any update regarding her love life, it does not seem like she is eating either Ana or Jonathan. In any case, they continue to follow each other on social media, which is a promising sign of a positive relationship.

Pablyne Noleto is Focusing on Self-Love Today

Presenting the Scorpios, we have Pablyne Noleto. Given her evident joy when it comes to enjoying life, as we got to see in the show. By her own admission, she is “wild” and “sexual” and fully embraces the sexual freedom that life has afforded her. Having come on the show with the goal of finding her perfect woman, she ended up choosing Adriana “Drica” Wilians. While the two have yet to share an update on their relationship, they do follow each other on Instagram, indicating at least an amicable relationship. When not working hard, Pablyne enjoys traveling and often shares pictures of the same. She is also an amateur cook who enjoys sharing her creations on the internet.

Robert Simoni is an Investment Broker Now

Robert Simoni, a Cancer, had a plethora of options for partners before he decided to declare Caroline Carvalho the queen of his heart. The man in question presently works as an investment broker for a real estate company. Specifically, he holds the position of Investment Executive for Vitacon. Based in São Paulo, Robert has not shared any updates regarding his relationship with Caroline. Additionally, he has a photography page on Instagram called Por Robert Simoni, where he shares self-clicked pictures.

Gilsilene “Gil” Araujo is a Proud Mother

Up next, we have Gilsilene “Gil” Araújo of Aquarius sign. She works as a commercial plus-size model and is proud to be a body-positivity activist. In fact, she has over 16K followers on Instagram, with a fan following that only keeps increasing day by day. The single mother of one often splits time between Bahia, Brazil, and São Paulo. While her romance with Raul Nascimento did not pan out, the latter seems to be in a happy relationship with Renata Almeida, who likely got together sometime before February 2023.

Jade Montaner is a Social Media Star Now

Jade Montaner is a transgender Capricorn whose story has left many viewers as heartwarming. Jade’s presence in the show was certainly one that easily touched many hearts. Both she and Thiago Augusto, her chosen onscreen partner, seem to prefer more privacy for Jade, while her former partner has not shared much about her internet fame. After all, having more than 17K followers is a sign of undoubted popularity with the general public.

Ana Rita is Focusing on Their Health

Let’s now talk about Ana Rita, who was chosen as season 1’s Pisces participant. The reality TV star wanted to find someone to help her relax after a tiring day and with whom she could easily spend time with no need for a conversation. Though both participants prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private, it is still pretty evident that Ana has started to go to the gym regularly in order to better her shape. As for her partnership with Leonardo Gois, they have not yet shared any official news about their bond that was created while they were on the Amazon Prime show.

Caco Baptista is Exploring Their Creative Side

A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, Caco Baptista lives in São Paulo and identifies as “queer.” They work as a model and are affiliated with Hutu Casting. The Taurus is a hard worker who enjoys unwinding at the end of every day. A natural advertiser/artist/creator, Caco tries to make the best of all situations. In fact, in recent days, they have appeared in multiple podcasts since the release of the show’s first season. That said, he and Diego Mauro have not shared any news regarding their love lives since their time on the show.

Vinícius Sasaki is Involved in Food Industy Today

An unwavering Aries, Vinícius Sasaki works within the food industry, presently at a vegan restaurant. He considers himself an “old-school” person, is proud of his various tattoos, and is quite interested in motorcycles and their engines. His other interests include old cars and rock and roll music. Overall, Vinícius considers his interests and actions to be a part of his lifestyle. He is also involved in ventures like Reino Da Pimenta and Loko de Rua. Presently, he and Christiane Ohnmatch, his final on-screen match, have yet to share any news regarding their relationship status, which is certainly a piece of information that fans would like to know as early as possible.

Marcus Rabelo is a Tattoo Artist Now

Marcus Rabelo, a Libra, was born in Manaus, Brazil. Initially an archeologist, he has developed an interest in indigenous culture over the years, prompting him to stay back in Manaus and learn about the local traditions, cultures, and things he believes and likes. It is this path that led Marcus to become a tattoo artist. On social media, the reality TV star often shares his tattoo designs that seem inspired by local art.

Due to his expertise, Marcus even got an opportunity to showcase his talents at an Open House event organized by Ceu De São Francisco on September 17, 2023. As for his personal life, he has not shared any updates about his possible relationship with Lucila Melgueiro, though the two follow each other on Instagram. Additionally, Lucila lives in Manaus and seems to hold high regard and respect for the indigenous culture.

Diego Pedrosa is Focusing on His Career

A bisexual transman, Diego “Digo” Pedrosa is a Gemini whose appearance in the Amazon Prime show was appreciated by many. The man in question is a social educator who works at a shelter for people of the LGBTQ+ community who, at the time, do not have a home. Diego also follows a vegan lifestyle and was announced Mister Trans RJ in 2022. While always eager to shed light on some significant social issues, Deigo also never shies away from enjoying the company of his friends and loved ones. In 2022, he also took part in the Mister Trans Brazil competition. Though Diego has not shared much about his relationship with Nata following the show’s events, they continue to follow each other on social media, indicating, at the very least, a continued friendly bond.

Camila Miranda Works in Real-Estate Business

At the time of the production of season 1 of the Amazon Prime show, Sagittarius Camila Miranda was 40 years old and was eager to see what life would bring next, especially after availing the help of astrology. While on the show, she met Marcelo Zarantonelli and three other suitors before ultimately choosing the aforementioned man as her partner. However, as of writing, Camila has not shared an update about whether or not the two are still together. Presently, Camila works as a Project Manager for a real estate company and seems to hold an immense love for her pets. That said, the reality TV star does not seem to be very active on social media.

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