Are End of the Road’s Old Bravo and Sunset Motel Real Places?

Image Credit: Ursula Coyote/Netflix

Netflix’s action film ‘End of the Road’ revolves around Brenda Freeman and her family which comprises her son Cam, daughter Kelly, and brother Reggie. While staying at Sunset Motel, their lives take a wild turn as a man gets shot dead in the next room. Reggie, who discovers a bag full of money in the dead man’s room, takes the same that belongs to a notorious criminal named Mr. Cross. To retrieve the money, Mr. Cross kidnaps Cam while the family spends time in an “Old West” town named Old Bravo. Since Old Bravo and Sunset Motel are significant places that appear in the road film, we have found out whether they exist in reality. Let us share our findings!

Old Bravo is a Fictional Town

In the film, Old Bravo is an attraction nearby Tucson, Arizona, which is popular as an “Old West” town. After leaving Sunset Motel, Brenda and her family try to distract themselves from the Ruck’s murder by spending time at the place, only for Cam to get kidnapped. Old Bravo is a fictional town/attraction conceived for the film. The place is seemingly inspired by real Western towns as well.

Old Bravo can also be a homage to ‘Rio Bravo,’ a 1959 Western film starring John Wayne and directed by Howard Hawks. The establishments in Old Bravo appear similar to the locations of ‘Rio Bravo’ as well. Hawks’ film is shot around Tucson, where ‘End of the Road’ is set. Old Bravo and its “Wild West” ambiance add to the gritty narrative and visual appeal of the film. The setting also makes the film an appealing neo-Western saga.

Sunset Motel Exists in Real-Life

Yes, Sunset Motel is a real place. The motel that appears in the film does exist in reality. However, it is located on U.S. Route 66, in the town of Moriarty, New Mexico. In the film, the motel is near Tucson, Arizona. After the murder of Harvey Ruck, the ambulance that arrives at the motel is a Tucson EMS vehicle. Captain JD Hammers, who investigates the case, is an officer of Arizona State Troopers. Thus, it is evident that director Millicent Shelton and crew filmed the scenes that feature the motel at the real location despite the setting being Tucson.

Sunset Motel is established in 1959 by Elaine and Bill Pogue. Elaine and Bill’s family have been serving travelers on the highway for decades. According to the establishment, the motel is the only remaining Route 66 motel in New Mexico owned by the original family. Elaine, who opened the motel, also became Moriarty’s first woman mayor. As per the motel’s official website, Bill wanted the motel “done right and last forever!” Currently, the motel is run by Elaine and Bill’s youngest son Mike and his wife Debbie.

‘End of the Road’ is not the first film that was shot in the motel. The establishment also features in David Mackenzie’s ‘Hell or High Water’ and Ryan Piers Williams’ ‘The Dry Land.’ Since the motel is near to attractions like Sierra Blanca Brewing Company, Lewis Antique Auto and Toy Museum, US Southwest Soaring Museum, Wildlife West Nature Park, etc. the establishment is a suitable destination for local tourists’ accommodation.

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