Genevieve and Aaron: Is the Bachelor In Paradise Duo Still Together?

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Bachelor in Paradise,’ a spin-off of the classic shows ‘The Bachelor‘ and ‘The Bachelorette,’ has been a part of the Bachelor Nation universe since 2014. The ABC reality TV show features former competitors from both the original shows, i.e., an unequal number of women and men who compete and look for their true love among the bunch. Every week, they get to spend time with the people they connect with, and at the Rose Ceremony, they select their possible mate.

As a dating show, romance is definitely in the air at the remote resort, but the drama also follows it, keeping fans captivated. Throughout the series, several couples experience a lot of drama and arguments while forming connections with various individuals. In season 8, Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy were one such couple who generated a lot of excitement. Fans who were delighted to see them on the show may now wonder if they are still together. If you’re curious about it, too, here’s what we found out!

Genevieve and Aaron’s Bachelor in Paradise Journey

Genevieve Parisi was earlier a contestant in Clayton Echard’s ‘The Bachelor’ season 26, and Aaron Clancy appeared in Katie Thurston’s ‘The Bachelorette’ season 17, as well as ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season 7. Although there were rumors of the two dating before the show, both denied it, clarifying they’ve only randomly met once at a bar yet didn’t interact much. Genevieve is one of the original contenders, and Aaron entered after the first week’s Rose ceremony.

Genevieve first connected with Justin Glaze from Katie Thurston’s ‘The Bachelorette’ season and hit it off on their first meet. However, things became complicated when Victoria Fuller entered the resort and approached him for a one-on-one date. After their date, Justin had a change of heart and admitted to Genevieve that he wanted to explore both connections. This broke her heart until Aaron’s arrival later that week.

While Genevieve and Justin were in between arguments and misunderstandings, they were further elevated when she went on a date with Aaron. Soon, she fell for the latter and decided to go ahead in the show with him. The two seemed to be doing well after their date and were enjoying getting to know each other. Albeit, their bond was tested in week 4 when in a twist, the women were sent away from the resort for a week to test the loyalties of the existing couples.

New men and women were introduced to both parties, and some new connections did form. Despite Genevieve being anxious that Aaron might connect with someone new, she was delighted when he later assured her that he was totally committed to their bond. Let’s find out if the promising couple is still together or has gone their separate ways.

Genevieve and Aaron Are No Longer Dating

Sadly, Genevieve and Aaron are seemingly no longer together. While they did have a sweet journey, a sudden turn of events made things a little sour between them. It began when Justin Glaze returned to the beach, and Genevieve seemed uncomfortable seeing him going after another woman. It was followed by both of them explaining the new arrival, Alex, about how their relationship began after Justin and Genevieve’s short-lived connection.

For Aaron, Genevieve’s explanation rubbed him the wrong way since it seemed like she was still hung up on Justin and would be with him if he hadn’t messed up their relationship. He felt like her second choice and confessed his feelings, which upset her over their situation. It then escalated quickly to the point where they had a bitter fight and disagreement over their feelings. Genevieve left crying, saying she wanted to leave the beach altogether. Although it isn’t clear right now if she did leave, this situation strained their relationship.

Moreover, according to Bachelor Nation insider Reality Steve, the couple eventually did break up and tried to find other connections. Even during the interviews post-filming, Aaron only mentions that things did not go as he thought they might, but he’s happy with his situation. Although it doesn’t imply anything precisely, things between Genevieve and Aaron probably do not work out as hoped by fans. Thus, we wish they find what they’re looking for and live happy and successful lives.

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