Are Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy Dating in Real Life?

The serendipitous tale of fated meetings draws Hadley and Oliver together in Netflix’s ‘Love at First Sight.’ Adapted from Jennifer E. Smith’s 2011 novel ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight,’ the movie chronicles the journey of Hadley Sullivan, a 17-year-old girl who misses her flight and is stuck in the waiting room area of a crowded airport. Coincidentally, a young British man named Oliver is stuck is also present.

Soon enough, the two individuals hit it off but eventually get separated when they land at Heathrow. Helmed by Vanessa Caswill, the movie traces the arduous journey the duo takes to find each other once again. The romantic movie features Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy, who captivate the longing of two jaded individuals. Naturally, their chemistry has led viewers to wonder whether they are dating in real life or not. If you’re wondering the same thing, then look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Are Haley and Ben Dating in Real Life?

No, Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy are not dating in real life. Unlike the besotted affection that gravitates their characters toward one another, Haley and Ben are nothing but good colleagues and friends. Individually, the two actors have, time and again, been enveloped in the throes of love. Previously, actress Haley Richardson was engaged to Brett Dier, her co-star from ‘Ravenswood.’ The couple had first met in 2012 when Haley appeared on a supporting role in the ‘Pretty Little Liars’ spin-off. Immediately, sparks flew, and the duo eventually ended up becoming a couple.

The couple announced their engagement in 2019 and continued to share moments of bliss on social media as well. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, Haley and Ben started appearing scarcely on each other’s profiles. Finally, in November 2022, the actress took to her Instagram account to clarify her split from Brett Dier. In a since-deleted story, she clarified, “Hey guys. This is me and Brett. We actually separated two years ago, but life goes on and we are both existing and doing pretty well turns out. I’m so glad to have had the last couple years to heal and grow without the internet knowing, but we kinda just wanted to share it and move on now. Love yourselves! Life is life babies!”

Similarly, Ben Hardy has also remained single after getting out of a recent romantic relationship. The actor was dating his ‘EastEnders’ co-star Jessica Plummer. After having met on the sets of BBC’s ‘The Girl Before,’ the duo found an instant connection, and their relationship grew stronger thusfore. Despite trying to keep things under wraps, the couple was spotted together at a Jade Bird concert, giving more foundation to the speculatory rumors. Ultimately, the duo confirmed their romance in December 2021.

Alas, other priorities took over and the couple ended up splitting up in March 2023. With hectic work schedules that demanded their undivided attention, it became difficult for the couple to take time for one another. Despite their deep connection, the repeated COVID-19 lockdowns also posed a major impediment to their relationship. Naturally, the relationship ran its course but couldn’t flower into something permanent. Since their separation, Ben has diverted all his focus to work. While the actor likes to remain tight-lipped on his personal relationships, it is apparent that he is taking time for himself and focusing on exponentiating his growth as an actor and entertainer.

Albeit their convincing portrayal of two besotted lovers, Ben Hardy and Haley Lu Richardson are not dating in real life. Instead, the actors are merely good friends who have managed to embody their characters skillfully. Even their individual relationship status seems to be single at the moment. So, even though the actors are single at the moment, it is apparent that great strides lay ahead of them. Naturally, we await all the professional and personal milestones they achieve in their future.

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