Jackie and Josh: Is the Love is Blind Couple Still Dating?

Finding a compatible life partner is far from easy, and Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ certainly stands as proof of the same! The reality series is well-known across the world for its unique take on the concept of love, marriage, and partnership. Each couple on the show has a unique journey that often surpasses expectations. Season 4 of the show saw Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds and Joshua “Josh” Demas coming together and creating their own love story that left viewers with many questions and confused feelings. Naturally, fans are eager to know whether or not this on-screen duo is still in a relationship.

Jackelina and Josh’s Love is Blind Journey Together

Jackie and Josh first met through the fourth iteration of Love is Blind and immediately hit it off. However, at the time, the former was also forming a strong connection with Marshall Glaze and admired his vulnerability and openness regarding emotions. After several dates, Jackie was still confused about whom she cared for more, which upset Marshall as he was solely focused on her. Meanwhile, Josh was determined to maintain his bond with her and even told her she was the only one for him or he would leave the show. However, Jackie ultimately chose to accept Marshall’s marriage proposal.

Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds (Left) and Marshall Glaze(Right)

While Josh was seemingly out of the picture for now, Jackie was engaged to Marshall, but the couple did not have the smoothest journey. Though the two tried to give the relationship their all, they often argued about various issues, especially Jackie’s expectations of him. When she asked her betrothed to “man up” during an argument, he ultimately chose to leave the house that they were sharing.

Going through an immensely rough patch, Jackie and Marshall did not even arrive with each other for the cast reunion in Seattle, Washington. The event also saw Josh returning and garnering much attention from the others. Shortly after Jackie arrived, she and Josh started talking with the former, stating that she did not like his reluctance about being open with her. With the flame rekindled between them, Jackie and Marshall’s relationship only worsened.

When the cast members meant to be married decided to get their outfits, Jackie did not accompany her fellow brides. This news was quickly relayed to Marshall, who was highly upset about the development. Instead, Jackie met up with Josh and decided to give her bond with him a go. Returning home, she and Marshall broke off their engagement as she told him she wanted to see her relationship with Josh progress, yet she refused to return the ring.

Jackelina and Josh Are Still With Each Other

As of writing, Jackie and Josh are indeed still together. The former recently shared a picture of them with a heartfelt caption, “A year of standing side by side with my other half. Our journey to find each other was not easy, but it was worth it. Thank you for loving me, standing by me, and protecting me. I love you forever and through every realm.” It is to be noted that many of the fans are unhappy about how the two got together, feeling that Jackie did not do right by Marshall.

Addressing the various issues, Jackie stated that her date with Josh, where the two kissed, took place after she had broken up with Marshall, but it was shown in the wrong order in the show. Moreover, she and Josh were absent from the reunion, and only their pre-recorded interview was aired during the episode. “Josh & I did not attend the ‘live reunion’ due to death threats being sent to Netflix and us,” Jackie shared via Instagram while explaining the absence. “Netflix decided to keep us safe & have us do that one-on-one with Vanessa. We fought & fought to be there & they said it was better to protect them and us. So be it.”

Meanwhile, Josh has taken to social media to discuss his Netflix journey. “I want to thank Netflix and ‘Love is Blind’ for giving me the opportunity. I am only human and have made some mistakes in the process of filming the show that I can recognize and take accountability for,” he wrote. “I have never claimed to be toxic or have wanted to be known as toxic, and I’m sorry for the people I hurt in the process of everything. I have no animosity towards Marshall or feel any type of way. I wanted to say this to him tonight but wasn’t able to go for certain reasons. I wish him and everyone the best.”

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