Josh Demas: Where is Love is Blind Contestant Now?

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

With every season, the fan following of Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ only keeps increasing. With its unique take on love, romance, and marriage, the series provides many people an opportunity to find their partner for life. Each couple’s journey before standing at the altar is undoubtedly daunting, primarily due to the limited time. Still, it does teach the participants and the public a thing or two about relationships and expectations. In season 4 of the reality dating show, we are introduced to Joshua “Josh” Demas, a contestant whose time in the experiment did not go as intended. However, that did not stop him from trying his best in order to find his match. This has led many people to wonder about the reality TV star’s current whereabouts, and here is what we know about the same!

Josh Demas’ Love is Blind Journey

Entering the Netflix social experiment, Josh quickly made a place for himself through his sense of humor. As his time in the pods continued, he started getting closer to Jackelina Bonds. In fact, he seemingly even told her that should she not agree to marry him, he would pack up his bags and leave, as there was no one else for him in the show. This sentiment certainly made things harder for Jackelina, who was also dating Marshall Glaze and was torn between the two.

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

Learning that he had competition for Jackelina’s heart certainly upset Marshall, who soon found out that the declaration was made by Josh. The two men cleared things between themselves, knowing well that at least one of them would be left heartbroken, something that set Josh on edge. Ultimately, Jackelina said yes to Josh’s marriage proposal, and Josh was devastated that the woman he had come to care for chose someone else.

Josh made a comeback in Jackelina’s life when all the engaged couples met up with each other and the remaining contestants in Seattle, Washington. His presence seemed to set many people on edge, with many of the male cast members feeling exasperated with his behavior. Additionally, people like Bliss Poureetezadi commented that she did not respect Josh in any manner. However, this event was also the first time that Josh and Jackelina saw each other.

At the time, Jackelina and Marshall had been living separately, following the former questioning her partner’s aggressiveness and the latter being upset at his fiancé’s choice of words. Jackelina’s choice of talking to Josh while on odds with Marshall did not sit well with many. Meanwhile, the woman in question told her former dating partner that she did not choose him because he had never been frank about his feelings or confessed her love. Despite his joking manner, it seemed like Josh had no plans of letting Jackelina go once again and intended to pursue her once more.

Josh Demas is Working as a Project Engineer Today

As of writing, Josh has not shared any updates regarding his romantic life, especially his connection with Jackelina. That being said, the reality TV star does seem to be thriving in his life and presently works as a Project Engineer for a construction company. Additionally, he is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter who has been wrestling for many years, having represented the Ohio State University in the collegiate circuits and even won competitions like the Big Ten Conference.

Interestingly, Josh’s wrestling skills allowed him to be a part of ‘Who’s Next: Submission Fighter Challenge.’ Over the years, the reality TV star has learned many forms of martial arts like Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai, both of which he is highly qualified in. He is also quite fond of traveling and has visited places like Mexico’s Tulum, Florida’s Miami, and Nevada’s Las Vegas. Given his earnest on-screen quest to find love, we wish Josh the best for the same and hope that his future is full of success stories.

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