Are Maeve and William Dead? Are Thandiwe Newton and Ed Harris Leaving Westworld?

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The fourth episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ follows Maeve Millay and Caleb Nichols’ fight against the host versions of Charlotte Hale and William AKA the Man in Black. Through her ability to control electronic systems, Maeve manages to get the better of William and Hale and even tries to escape from the new Delos park with Caleb.

Still, William emerges as an unwinnable threat to Maeve and Caleb, leading Maeve to go to any lengths to defeat him. Since the episode ends without a definite answer concerning the fates of the two significant characters, the viewers must want to know whether they have seen the last of Thandiwe Newton’s Maeve and Ed Harris’ William. Let us share what we know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Maeve and William Dead?

When William tries to kill Maeve while Hale explains her plans to an “infected” Caleb, Maeve controls the sounding device to emanate the mysterious sound in full volume. The high-volume sound gets the better of William and allows Caleb to take Hale hostage to escape from the park with Maeve. However, William comes in their way again. Caleb shoots at him and he falls, only to get up again. This time, William shoots Maeve. Since she doesn’t want her life to end while William enjoys his victory, she embraces him and turns on several explosives. William fails to free from Maeve while multiple explosions happen.

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However, death isn’t the right word to describe what happens to Maeve and William since they are hosts. The fourth episode of the fourth season ends with Bernard digging up Maeve’s body for C and her organization, referring to her as the “weapon.” We may see Bernard trying to give a new life to Maeve so that she can join C’s organization, possibly to fight against Hale. Since C is none other than Caleb’s daughter Frankie, a potential copy of Maeve is expected to join her best friend’s daughter to fight the evil force that destroyed both of their lives. Thus, we may see Maeve alive, either as a copy or revived version of the original character.

As far as William is concerned, Hale may have created another copy of his general since his appearance is integral for her to fight humanity. Since the real or human version of William is still alive, as Hale’s prisoner, admirers of the character may not need to worry about seeing the last of the admired character. So, are Thandiwe Newton and Ed Harris leaving the famed show? Let’s find out.

Are Thandiwe Newton and Ed Harris Leaving Westworld?

As of yet, neither Thandiwe Newton nor Ed Harris has expressed any indication of leaving ‘Westworld.’ HBO hasn’t also released any statements regarding the supposed exit of the two performers, indicating that they most likely will remain in the show. Bernard finding Maeve’s body can be taken as an indication of Maeve’s presence in the narrative going forward. Since Maeve is the weapon Bernard offers to C’s organization, she may join the group and fight Hale. In addition, as per IMDb, Newton is part of the cast of the remaining episodes of the show’s fourth season as well.

Image Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

Since the human version of William is alive, we may continue to see Ed Harris in the fourth season of the show. Like Newton, Harris is also a part of the remaining episodes of the season as per IMDb. We can look forward to seeing a new host version of William as C’s organization, along with Bernard, possibly wants to stop Hale from annihilating humanity for her to display the supremacy of the Hosts.

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