Marcus and Lucila From Written in the Stars: Are They Still a Couple?

Hosted by Ingrid Guimarães, Amazon Prime’s ‘Written in the Stars,’ AKA ‘Match nas Estrelas,’ has captivated the world with its unique blend of astrology and romance. The Brazilian dating show features several people eager to find their astrologically compatible match, and it is through this venture that Marcus Rabelo first met Lucila Melgueiro, who also goes by the name Yassi. Given their common interests and undeniable chemistry, it is no wonder that people are eager to find out if they are still together or not.

Marcus Rabelo and Lucila Melgueiro’s Written in the Stars Journey

Marcus Rabelo and Lucila Melgueiro met each other for the first time during their time on the Amazon Prime reality show. The former was the show’s Libra candidate for season 1, while the latter was his Aries suitor. At the very start of their date, Marcus revealed that he was a tattoo artist, something that Lucila commented that she had noticed before showing off her own body paints that she had drawn using Jagua ink.

As time passed, Marcus and Lucila talked about their common interests. The latter shared that she was part of the Baré tribe, and though she lived in Manaus, Brazil, she also had a home within her community where she often lived in order to escape from the chaos of the city. The chemistry between the two parties was so undeniable that Marcus could not help but share how he had felt that he was actually getting to know himself throughout the evening.

Not long afterward, it was time for Marcus to make his final choice. Based on his first dates with his four suitors, he chose to eliminate Magdalena Ferreira first. After his synastry session with astrologist Papisa, he was also told that Leilane Oliveira would also have to leave as she was the least compatible with his remaining options. Now, it was up to Marcus to make his choice between Lucila and Jade Guimaraes, with respective compatibility of 94% and 78%. Ultimately, the reality TV star chose to follow the stars and picked Lucila as his partner.

Marcus Rabelo and Lucila Melgueiro’s Dating Status Remains Unclear

Neither Marcus Rabelo nor Lucila Melgueiro has shared any updates about the present status of their respective romantic lives. Both of them still live in Manaus and continue to follow each other on Instagram, making us optimistic about a continued amicable connection between them. Presently, both of them have continued to explore the territory of body art, with Marcus still working as a tattoo artist while Lucila has a page dedicated to showing off her own designs.

Another common factor between Marcus and Lucila is their mutual love and appreciation for indigenous culture. The two have been working to uplift the same for a long time and are always happy to talk about the same. Whether or not the two might still be dating, it is undeniable that they are quite similar in nature. We wish them both the best in life and hope they have a wonderful future ahead!

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