Mijntje and Samuel: Is Are You The One Couple Still Dating?

Finding the right match is a hard task for anyone. Hence the golden opportunity provided by ‘Are You The One?‘ to its cast members seems like a dream come true. Of course, the social experiment has its own set of challenges, but what the Paramount+ reality show does not lack is entertainment. The various couples featured in the dating series easily capture the attention of the viewers, but few pairings have a story as unique as season 9’s Mijntje “MJ” Lupgens and Shamal “Samuel” Khan, AKA Sam. Fans across the world are eager to know if the two reality TV stars gave their on-screen match a try in real life, and we are here to answer the same!

Mijntje Lupgens and Samuel Khan’s Are You The One? Journey

Dutch beauty Mijntje entered the show at the age of 26 and was determined to find her match within the house. Sam also left his home in Manchester, United Kingdom, behind in order to find his own partner. After spending some hours with the rest of the cast mates and getting to know each other, the participants tried their hand at the very first competition. As one of the winners, Sam got to choose whom to take on a date, and he went with Courtney Rowe.

For their very first match-up ceremony, Sam paired up with Julia-Ruth Smith, while Nathan Grant chose Mijntje. However, the night ended up being a blackout, making the two couples realize that they were not a match. Following this, Sam tried his level best to find his perfect match and formed bonds with people like Dew Pineda, Rosalyn “Roz” Odujebe, Taylor Kelly, and Anissa Aguilar. Meanwhile, Mijntje grew ever closer to Hamudi Hasoon.

The closeness between Mijntje and Hamudi was evident for all to see, and few wanted them to separate. However, things took a quick turn in the show’s eighth episode. Just before the week’s challenge, it was revealed that Sam had to leave due to “personal reasons.” The following task also gave Taylor the opportunity to send Hamudi and Mijntje on a date. However, later that night, the truth booth revealed that everyone’s favorite pair was not actually a Perfect Match. In the following match-up ceremony, host Kamie Crawford shared that Sam’s chosen partner for the show was none other than Mijntje.

Mijntje Lupgens and Samuel Khan Are Likely Not Together

Following the unconventional reveal of her Perfect Match, Mijntje seemingly spent the rest of the show in the honeymoon suite. Given the minimal interactions between her and Sam, while the two were together on the Paramount+ show, they do not seem to have started a relationship. Both of them do seem to be on amicable terms and have even commented positively on each other’s social media posts. Mijntje even expressed her concerns about Sam’s departure from the show when she was still on it and wished him the best despite not being aware of what prompted him to leave.

More than anything, fans are curious why Sam decided to leave the show, though he does not seem to have any plans about sharing the reasons with the public. The fan-favorite pairing of Mijntje and Hamudi has also retained the public’s attention, especially since the latter firmly told Mijntje that “Babygirl, we are going to Bali after this.” The Netherlands native also declared HAmudi to be her true love while on the show. However, as of writing, none of them have shared any updates regarding the status of their relationship.

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