Why Did Samuel Khan Leave Are You The One? Where is He Now?

With Kamie Crawford as the presenter, ‘Are You The One?‘ is one of the most iconic dating shows that keeps viewers returning for more with every episode. The ninth season of the Paramount+ reality series premiered recently and has kept the audience hooked throughout. In one of the show’s latest episodes, viewers learned about the abrupt departure of Shamal “Samuel” Khan, AKA Sam, midway through the experiment. The development disappointed many and left fans across the world curious about what might be the reasons behind the same. So, let’s explore this together, shall we?

Sam Chooses Not to Share Exit Details

In the eighth episode of the Paramount+ dating series, Kamie Crawford told the cast members and the viewers that Sam had to leave the show midway due to “personal reasons.” Later in the episode, just before the Matching ceremony, the host told everyone his perfect match from the participating women was the Dutch beauty Mijntje Lupgens. The departure surprised many as they knew Sam would not have left the show had things not been serious.

Recently, viewers have flocked to social media to ask Sam if he will ever share the actual reason behind his exit. One such fan asked in comments(as seen above), “Will it ever come out why u left ‘Are You the One?'” to which he said, “No, it won’t, I’m afraid.” Given his reluctance to talk about this, the public has seemingly made some peace with it, though they still hope the future might provide them with some more answers. Sam has appreciated the support he has received from people worldwide. Despite his shorter-than-expected time on the show, he could gain many supporters and has received much love from his co-stars.

Shamal “Samuel” Khan is Focusing on His Career Today

As of writing, Shamal “Samuel” Khan is based in Manchester, United Kingdom. Affiliated with Spotted Talent Management, the reality TV star is a proficient actor and model though these are the only fields he is a part of. Presently, he works as a Sales Development Representative for CD Recruitment and has held the post since March 2022. Before that, Sam was a Science Research Specialist for AstraZeneca from April 2021 to February 2022.

Additionally, Sam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological and Biomedical Sciences from The University of Salford. This is in line with his dreams of becoming a successful doctor in the future. The career-driven man also formed genuine connections while on the dating show and continues to be good friends with people like Julia-Ruth Smith and Dew Pineda. The interactions between the numerous cast members(like the one above) give the public a glimpse into how much the participants got to know each other.

It does not seem like Sam and Mijnte have decided to give their on-screen pairing a go. Due to the former’s abrupt departure, the two could not spend much quality time together. In fact, they never even went on a date while they were both part of the experiment. The two reality TV stars seem to be on amicable terms and follow each other on social media. We wish Sam and his loved ones the best for life and hope to see more of his work in the future.

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