Ross and Katie: Is the Below Deck Couple Still Dating?

Bravo’s ‘Below Deck‘ is a reality show that centers on the strenuous and dramatic lives of crew members on a yacht. Season 10 featured a 197 feet long superyacht that sailed across the Caribbean. Amongst the multiple interesting people on board, Ross McHarg and Katie Glaser were a tumultuous duo that had everyone’s attention. Viewers simply couldn’t predict where their showmance would land outside the show and are waiting for an update.

Ross and Katie’s Below Deck Journey

Katie was a 31-year-old business owner, Yacht Broker, and Chief Operating Officer for Yacht Parties Miami during the show. Meanwhile, Ross was 38 and worked toward becoming in charge of the members. He was in a leadership position on the show as the yacht’s Bosun and was known for his flirtatious and outgoing personality. The two began their friendly banter and flattering remarks in episode 2 itself. Ross was in a love triangle with Alissa Humber and Katie but ultimately chose the latter to become the Deckhand, which became a controversial matter.

However, there were times when his coquettish behavior triggered Katie. She felt left out when he and Alissa had a good time at the mud baths, which tempted him and almost ended his showmance with her. Katie also had to convince Ross to move into her cabin rather than a newcomer girl. In one of her confessionals, she said he was “doing better” and expected something more to blossom between them after the season’s end.

However, Ross clearly stated that he sees no future with Katie. For the rest of the evening, he was flirting around with other women, and when she got a hold of him, he assured her that she was his “goal” for the day. Consequently, Katie confronted him about why he wanted to spend his time and energy on people he’ll never see again. Somehow, Ross convinced her she was pushing him away with her actions. The following day, the duo mutually agreed that their partnership would be non-committal and fun. Needless to say, their situationship has been controversial from the get-go. But is there any chance of them having a future together? Let’s find out.

Ross McHarg and Katie Glaser Have Broken Up

No, Ross McHarg and Katie Glaser are no longer together and decided to cut ties after the season’s end. The significant contributing factor to this decision was the long distance, as they live far apart. Moreover, Katie was disheartened by Ross’ behavior on the show and revealed that she wouldn’t stand such treatment in real life. In an interview with E! News, she admitted, “We both live on opposite sides of the world, he went his way after the show, and I went mine. At the end of the day, we decided that it was what it was on the boat, and after the boat, we both went our separate ways.”

The gorgeous Deckhand added, “I think he didn’t like when I keep bringing it up, but obviously, that’s something that really bugs me when he’s obviously flirting with Alissa. I would never tolerate that in my normal life, so to me, I feel like with him, you have to keep hitting it over the head until he listens.” Katie believed that Alissa purposely got closer to Ross to tick off Katie and get under her skin, and even though things between them were temporary, she was somehow successful.

As of now, Katie is seemingly single, living her best life by traveling around the world and making the most out of her business and yachting knowledge. On the other hand, Ross is reportedly dating Miki, an aspiring Psychologist and yoga instructor from Bali, Indonesia. Even though he has not explicitly stated anything about this relationship, it is quite possible that the duo is together and having a good time. Katie follows Ross on Instagram, but he doesn’t. So, it looks like he is completely over their boatmance and onto the next adventure in his life. Nonetheless, we hope the two blossom as individuals and grace the show again in the upcoming seasons.

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